Stopped Doing Accessory Work

The program states to do a specific amount of reps, I’m not suppose to increase reps, do you even know what the jonnie candito 6 week intermediate program is or are you just guessing on how I’m suppose to increase my strength??!!

“Severely lacking in muscle mass” what have you been reading and smoking at the sametime??!! I never said any of that you dimwit!

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Drop the Candito program and switch to the Bulgarian method, stat.

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Do you even know what the program is?

Do you know what a program is?

Do you understand WHY things are put into a program?

You can’t just pull accessories out of the program unless they are the “optional ones”. While you might not be able to add reps if it always calls for 4x6 you can always aim to increase the weight where applicable.

What are your actual goals? How much time ( days and length ) do you want to devote to training?

We collectively can help you but only if you’re actually wanting help, if you’re just wanting validation for your decisions or help skimping out on your program — you probably wont find that here.


Oh really?

Before you start calling people names, you should take a look at yourself and realize that you have no idea what the fuck you are doing. You are weak as shit, and you are skinny. You obviously don’t know how to fix either of those, so don’t get upset when someone who knows a lot more than you tells you what to do. After all, you came here looking for advice. Just because you aren’t getting the answers you wanted doesn’t mean they are wrong, it means that you have no clue.


Just to clarify, you’ve received advice on this thread from @T3hPwnisher @chris_ottawa @corstijeir and @MarkKO, among others. All have told you the same thing and all have logs available on this site for you to view their credentials. I’ve attached links below, to make this really easy for you. Have a browse and then consider if you really know more about getting bigger and stronger than these guys.


I appreciate that


You should consider eating more.


What the fuck are you all smoking?!?!?!

That cracked me up.

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OH shit! I just realized this is the asshole who can’t figure out how to do pull ups either.

Yea. This ain’t for you @davecarverharver. I recommend playing the guitar.


If I add in my 2 cents can I be included on the list? Joking! Want no part of this…




Don’t be so hard on him. I’m sure he would fit in just fine in a Zumba class.

I find the level of toxic masculinity your displaying is very upsetting to a sensitive individual like myself.


You literally told me to add on weight and reps to my lifts, advice that any individual with a basic knowledge of training knows of, you’re nothing close to a fitnessguru, and i’m not suppose to add any reps on you fucking weak useless pussy shit, the program just states to keep a high intensity, if you haven’t even read the program then why the fuck are you here??? you came here only to insult me to call me “severely lacking in muscle” you can’t even read fucking properly, so I advice you to go back to elementary school you brainlet retard

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The irony here is top notch.

Regardless, I think you may have put an end to any useful input you may have recieved on this site.


I got my popcorn made. I was ready this time!


Says the guy who subbed pendlay rows for pull ups…


You’re also not supposed to stop doing accessory work. Don’t you even know what the program is?

Fair word of warning though, I can see that you’re a bit upset because you’re not getting the advice you were expecting to hear, but when you use the phrase “fucking weak” to refer to a dude benching 400, squatting over 500, and repping weighted chins, then it’s pretty clear you’re just having a hissy fit.

Take a breath, stop embarrassing yourself, and re-read all of the advice here (because it’s pointing you in the right direction) when you have a clear head.


Soooo…if it’s changing or disregarding what exercises the program says, it’s fine, but adding reps is a strict no no?

Dude, maybe you should answer this question:

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