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Stopped Doing Accessory Work

So I stopped doing the accessory work in the jonnie candito 6 week intermediate program since I find it a waste of time, only time I do it is when I find I have nothing better to do, but usually I have better things to do than doing high reps on bent over rows and ohps, is this ok??

Why do you find it a waste of time?

Because I don’t see the relevancy if the program isn’t specifically made to also increase my lifts on them too, so I only want to focus on the main three lifts

If someone says you should run them would you? Or is your mind already made up?


As a guy who may one day compete against you, I hope you keep doing this.


15 days ago you said you were doing Stronglifts/another program and your bench and press “so weak”(you’re correct)!?

-6 weeks is very short if you can’t stick to that you’ll get absolutely nowhere in terms of serious lifting.

False, building your back up from all angles is one of the best things you can do as a lifter as well as for overall athleticism, posture, shoulder health, looking visually solid etc etc


From SL to candito intermediate program to tweaking the candito program because you don’t see the point? You might want to seriously reconsider what you’re doing


It says I should keep the accessory work at a fairly high intensity and should progress on them but it gives no hint on how much to progress on them or on what basis so i see it as too much work, but i geuss i’ll just add 5lbs to them on every cycle to make sure it’s going somewhere but I still don’t know if this is correct or not, usually I would add on 2.5lb on every workout but since I’m running an intermediate program things have changed

To further enlarge on this, can I can provide a list of people I will probably compete against. Perhaps OP would be willing to convince them to do this too.


I decided to do jonnie candito 6 week intermediate program since I’ve run sl 5x5 for a long time and my results were very slow or just not getting anywhere even after months of training and I made sure my sleep and bulking were optimal so it was definitely the program, so that’s why I changed recently my program

What was your reason for changing your program from candito 6 week to whatever it is you’re currently doing? Where you not seeing results there either?

And now you’re wanting to modify that program because you don’t have the equipment. If I were a betting man I’d bet you’re fixing to have another time period of no gainz

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Idk how to progress on the accessory work for jonnie candito 6 week intermediate program, I don’t know how much weight to add on and how often to do it, I don’t want to be lifting too heavy that it will hinder my bench, squat and deadlift but neither too weak that I won’t get any results

Probably the same way you do any accessory for any program.

If it says 4x10 it should start getting difficult on rep 10 set 1, rep 9 by set 2, and on set 4 you should be happy when you hit that final 10th rep because you started struggling at 7.

( unless specifically specified for blood flow purposes, technique, RPE, etc )


You said you are 6’1 and 79kg, you are severely lacking in muscle mass. There’s your “relevancy”.

Try to add weight and/or reps each session. If it’s too much volume altogether then the program just isn’t appropriate for you, too much volume is no good.

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The program states to do a specific amount of reps, I’m not suppose to increase reps, do you even know what the jonnie candito 6 week intermediate program is or are you just guessing on how I’m suppose to increase my strength??!!

“Severely lacking in muscle mass” what have you been reading and smoking at the sametime??!! I never said any of that you dimwit!

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Drop the Candito program and switch to the Bulgarian method, stat.

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Do you even know what the program is?

Do you know what a program is?

Do you understand WHY things are put into a program?

You can’t just pull accessories out of the program unless they are the “optional ones”. While you might not be able to add reps if it always calls for 4x6 you can always aim to increase the weight where applicable.

What are your actual goals? How much time ( days and length ) do you want to devote to training?

We collectively can help you but only if you’re actually wanting help, if you’re just wanting validation for your decisions or help skimping out on your program — you probably wont find that here.


Oh really?

Before you start calling people names, you should take a look at yourself and realize that you have no idea what the fuck you are doing. You are weak as shit, and you are skinny. You obviously don’t know how to fix either of those, so don’t get upset when someone who knows a lot more than you tells you what to do. After all, you came here looking for advice. Just because you aren’t getting the answers you wanted doesn’t mean they are wrong, it means that you have no clue.