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Stopped Deca 3 Weeks Ago, will TRT Affected?


Like it says, I used Deca (12 weeks 350 mg wk) and stopped three weeks ago. I have a blood test Wednesday.

I did not play with Test dose, as I have vowed to never do that. I'm so grateful to be on TRT that I would not take advantage of my doctor. Might sound weird to some... However did I bend my own rule? Am I going to disrespect my doc by showing him an altered blood test?

He doesn't show me test results, so I can't say for sure what is tested for, but I suspect it's fairly routine.

any ideas would be quite welcome. Also flaming for potentially messing up the TRT that has changed my life is also welcome.


What was the reason for going with the decade? And what were the results?


Ask for the labs, why are we guessing.

Deca can mess with liver markers, ALT and AST.


Are you asking how successful the Deca cycle was?


Yes. What was the goal and what were the results?


ALWAYS get a copy of the results - they are yours.

That's a pretty long time to run deca - most only run it 8 weeks.