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Stopped Cycle After Two Injections. Need PCT?

To start things off, I started a cycle and began 50mg winstrol and did two injections of 250 mg of test e. After 5 days I made the decision that now would be a bad time to do a cycle due to personal circumstances.

Will I need a PCT? My main concern is not being able to perform sexually in my new found relationship.

With only two injections and 5 days of winny will I be shutdown for a couple weeks? Will I need to do a Nolva PCT?

You’ll be fine. It might be a few weeks of feeling meh, but it takes more than two shots to shut you down. You’re certainly suppressed and will be for a few more weeks, but it’s not a huge deal.

Hopefully so. Do you think having ran a previous cycle roughly 16 weeks ago will effect the speed at which I shutdown?

Also are you sure the injections along with the winny leaving my system won’t cause any shutdown?

Previous cycle shouldn’t have an impact in this particular situation. Each successive cycle can make it harder to recover, but in this case there was no cycle. A week’s worth of testosterone is a disruption and obviously a suppressive event, but it’s the prolonged use of exogenous androgens that causes your body to stop natural production. Your system isn’t a light bulb attached to an ON/OFF switch, it’s attached to a dimmer. One week certainly has dimmed the light, but it shouldn’t turn it completely off. Obviously there are some outliers here and there, but most bodies are pretty resilient.

Do you think if I decide a short PCT that I should still wait a full 3 weeks for the ester to clear?