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Stopped Converting to Estradiol. Why? B Vitamins Responsible?

Hi guys.

I’m 42. I’m on TRT with HCG and a bit of Cabergoline.

Recently my conversion to E2 suddenly stopped and my E2 stays around 33 (sensitive Labcorp values), which is low for my erections, I need E2 around 40-50. My E2 used to raise at the rate of approximately 12 points per week and I’ve taken Anastrozole when needed.

I didn’t change the TRT protocol, the only thing was that my last Pregnyl bottle was 9 months expired when I started it.

However, recently I’ve discovered that I have methylation issue as well, and after talking to a specialist I started taking:

Folate (around 2,000mg)
Methyl B12 (around 1,000mg)
Active form of B6, Pyridoxine P5P (825mg)
NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)
Zinc Picolinate increased from 30mg to 60mg (it has 2mg Copper so Copper increased to 4mg).

I’m aware that I can raise E2 by taking more HCG. But what hay have caused this sudden stop in estradiol conversion?

Are ANY of the above listed supplements known for lowering estradiol conversion?

Have you lost fat?

Stop all supplements and stick with your protocol. Its the only way to know. Right? Adding T is not as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. If you eat right and sunbathe, you should live to 85 with a hard dick in some very enthusiastic piece.

No, I actually gained weight during this lockdown. This was another change. Do you think it has anything to do with estradiol conversion?

Have your T levels changed at all or are they the same even with the increased weight? I assume you haven’t taken any AI in the last month or so?

Mine actually went from 73 to 49 on the same dose, kind of weird. It took about a year though for it to drop down that much.

My T level didn’t seem to change after I gained weight. Although… It’s hard to notice since it fluctuates with time of blood draw relative to time/date of T injection.

Is your line of though such that weigh gain might have increased demand for T while I didn’t increase T, and thus lowered T slowed conversion to E2?

I haven’t taken any AI for the lady 2.5 months.

Are you talking about T levels ?

More fat usually means more aromatisation, not less. The zinc could be lowering your E2, but it usually doesn’t lower it that much.

No, E2

Yes, so this is similar to my situation. Do you have any idea why that happened in your case?

No clue. My dose went from 180mg/week to 210mg/week too… and it still went down somehow. And my body fat has probably gone up if anything, so I’m really not sure how to explain it.