Stopped at Customs

Im from england and the other day i had a package stopped at customs. they are holding it and they have given me the right to appeal. Has this happened to anyone before and if so did you get your package back. This is what the package had in

2 x test prop
1 x test compound
2 x deca
1 x nolva.
This is easly in the personal use limit so i dont know why the have stopped it. any past experiences would be helpful as i can then know what i am up against and if there is anychance i can get it back.

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I think that Bushy is right. Companies think that they are doing you a favour by mislabelling the package, but it causes nothing but problems. I’ve experienced it only once before, but since only 50 quid worth of Test I let it slide.

You need to contact Customs and appeal. They will then give you the reason why they’re holding the package. If it is mislabelled, contact the company who sent the package and ask them for a letter on headed note paper stating that the mislabelling was an error on their part (if it was a legitimate company you used they should be happy to oblige).

Get your lawyer to draft you a letter for Customs (obviously only do this if you’ve spent a lot on your AASs as a lawyer’s letter will cost) and include the letter from your supplier.

There is no guarantee that this will work, but your lawyer will give you legal advice for free on the matter.

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Check your Private Messages.


it was labeled H.R.T (Hormone Replacement Therapy)