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Stop Using Sandow as a Measuring Stick


This is no laughing matter. The US government won’t even allow it to be used during the interrogation of terrorists, yet makes it freely available to schoolchildren.


:cry: I have a large amount of Dihydrogen Monoxide in my urine should I go see a doctor?


It is no wonder you have high levels in your urine, big corporate companies are dumping dihydrogen monoxide into our rivers and oceans at an alarming rate-- and the even scarier part is that it never biodegrades. I mean, just think about the amount of this stuff that is making it’s way into your own plumbing at home…


Ignore me…im just making a bad joke and being stupid.


Don’t bother man. Once you get to that point it’s just a matter of time.


You’re a great theorizer. Could have… could have… could have… care to share anything evidenced based or even reasonable for trained eyes or those who actually know a bit about basic human physiology?


In addition to this, couldn’t all the hormones and what not we pump into our livestock cancel out presumed declines in test levels? (just throwing it out there). People are growing to be bigger and taller than ever before right?


I’ve heard people commenting on how “all the hormones” in certain foods have led to young girls maturing earlier than just a decade ago. (I don’t particularly put attention to underage girls so I’m not sure how to weigh in on this one)



LOL. Oh man that made me laugh. Also, what about variations between continents? We know the EU regulates food much better than we do. Are their test levels higher than ours? Are their underaged girl maturing faster? (lol) You’d think that would be a legitimate study.


I am going to assume this is a serious post (the thread got pretty funny there for a minute :smile: )

1st it doesn’t, if anything it hinders natural hormone levels which is why there is a controversy surrounding the use of hormones in live stock.

…and 2nd the long term benefits of cycling must be why every body says you should hop on gear as soon as possible :smiley:


the age of consent in Holland is 14…


feel free to read the entire thread.


I would agree with this if it were the normal exogenous manner of hormone therapy into one of our bodies…but If there were extra hormones in the meat it would be denatured in the stomach for the most part. Otherwise we would drink test.

I’m thinking more so along the lines of epigenetics. Changes in protein synthesis levels, mTOR activation, genes that express growth factors in the meat. I think this could change how meat reacts with our bodies…and therefore the level of hormone synthesis in our livers. But I don’t have any evidence for this. I know I have heard comments like @The_Mighty_Stu’s for years


Well, I read parts, including the ridiculous notion that men of Sandow’s time had T values around 2000 ng/dl.:joy:


All of this explains why cows are so violent.


So… Mad Cow disease could be essentially Roid Rage!!!


Beef companies are methylating the meat so the hormones get through the initial digestive process! GAME CHANGER!!!

In all seriousness, based on the arguments that I’ve been reading-- shouldn’t we also be upset with using modern bodybuilders, olympians, top tier powerlifters, and pretty much anybody else in competitive sports as measuring sticks? I mean, at least Sandow was natty and doing it with pretty much 100% self experiment and simple implements during his time… That should inspire just about any modern strength, muscle or athletic enthusiasts.


I’m going to start using Meadows as a Sandowing stick from now on


The overhead press was considered a major lift until it was taken out of competitions 40 years ago, the reason being some people had enough flexibility to “lean back” and press in such a way that they used their chest more than someone who stood up perfectly straight. It was difficult to judge and thus taken out in favor of the bench press.

I do feel overhead strength is a better gauge of upper body strength though. I know some sad bros who can bench 315 but can barely get 155 up.


I used to be like this!