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Stop Using Sandow as a Measuring Stick


I don’t charge for anything. I actually made the page because I got sick of repeating myself so I put all the info there for free to anybody who wants it. The one group of photos that is “selling” something is satire riddled truth bombs.

I am very open about my steroid use. I hide nothing because I am soooo sick of misinformation being the world’s leading commodity.

Ironically in this world I have found that unless you put a price tag on it people don’t want it.


I mentioned it wasn’t linear but there are theories that ancient Greeks and Romans could have been around 2000. That theory is slightly more obscure though so I didn’t mention it.


Conceded it was an exaggeration and not really the point, I could bend definitions though to make it seem plausible. My T levels were 230-270 pre “TRT”. Sandows levels could have been in the 1400-2000 range as being a genetic outlier in a higher test generation. A moderate cycle of 300-400mg per week would probably get levels to 3000-5000 range.


So then you are being ironic here:

See, I find it ironic that you are complaining about the fitness industry being a sham while you yourself use steroids, then market a Keep It Simple philosophy to sell diet and fitness plans.

Do you divulge that the simple plan you subscribe to includes anabolics when (if) you sell people a diet and exercise plan?

Also ironic- being very open about your steroid use, yet there is no mention of steroid use on your facebook page.

And you contend that the fitness industry is a scam with all of their false claims?

While you are on a site provided by a company that is part of the fitness industry!



Quoted for the irony.


I find it interesting you spend all this time attacking me and digging up “dirt” on me. Does that mean you have nothing to say about the actual topic of this thread?

I actually forgot that I put the prices there. LOL you moron, keep reading below the prices.

The prices are there because if people are going to make me read them the free info I am going to charge them.


side note, thanks I fixed the typo.

I am open about it, I don’t advertise it.

I am here because I feel they are going in the right direction.


this shit reminds me of bodybuilding misc


I put it in off topic because I knew it would have this kind of reaction. Either way I think some good stuff was said…and a lot of skyzyks.


The Sandow topic has been beaten to death. There isn’t much to say about it that hasn’t been said a million times.

I know, it’s nice to revisit sometimes, and I can’t really blame anybody for wanting to. The guy was one of the first icons of the iron game.

As for digging up dirt- I was just curious what the impetus for your position was.

And it really isn’t dirt is it? It just looks dirty that you are creating a problem then presenting yourself as the solution, without disclosing some very important fact about your results.

Nor is it actually digging, since the information I used was provided in your avatar. It’s not like I’m some super sleuth that ran you down using some nefarious means. I literally clicked on your av.

Why would you be so defensive?


Just to be clear, you agree with every thing said about Sandow then.

And LOL nice, attack then take the “why so defensive” stance.


u butthurt bro?

Not trying to create butthurt. You just piqued my curiosity. :innocent:


I agree with the parts that are correct.

I do not agree that he was some genetic anomaly or that he has an unattainable physique.


My major thought here is this: WHO exactly uses Sandow as a measuring stick these days? I thought Sandow is simply remembered as the individual that brought bodybuilding to the masses (before Weider) rather than having a physique that everyone aims to replicate.
So…who exactly uses Sandow as a measuring stick? I know I don’t nor have I ever.


Sandow is considered the definition of what is possible without steroids. True, steroids weren’t around when he was but that doesn’t make his physique achievable (naturally).


How do you explain him becoming the world’s strongest man at 22 at his first competition?


Other than you on this thread, I have never in my 54 years heard someone make this assertion.


Yet I am the only one in this thread taking the stance that it is unattainable.

At least one person in this thread doesn’t even think his physique is attractive.


There was a great lack of ability to advertise and create competition in the field at that time. Born in 1867, that puts his title at 1889. So it wasn’t necessarily that he was Actually the strongest man in the world, he was the strongest man competing in a very narrow and exclusive field, among a vast quantity of un-surveyed genetic potential. Without knowing the genetic composition of him or the rest of the world at that time, you just can’t say something like “he was a genetic anomaly”.

Saying that he was the strongest man in the metropolitan world among people who had the ability to engage in those types of activities would be more accurate.

Granted, the guy was strong and does appear to have been in great condition, but I’d say that his greatest feat was giving rise to the bodybuilding industry that we have today. Now we have millions of people world wide participating in an industry that generates billions of dollars year after year.

No doubt the guy was a powerhouse.


Don’t you think it would be irresponsible to use levels that indicate a disorder as the benchmark for comparisons?

1200 is the upper range today, is it that unforeseeable that a genetic outlier or 1,000 happen to be at similar levels? They just may spend more time in djembe circles than in the weight room and never realize their muscular potential.

I don’t doubt that as an aggregate, our Test levels are lower than 30 years ago. We are much fatter than we were, and according to Dr. Archocky who has commercials on my favorite radio station, overweight men do not produce as much Test. :wink:

I don’t know heaps about this subject, but I assume that 90% of people do not get regular blood panels to identify their hormones and, of the remaining 10%, 90% of those are doing so because they have symptoms indicating an endocrinological issue. {It could be there are studies that test (self reported) healthy men and they extrapolate with a good deal of certainty, equal to Hillary’s chances of winning, right @ActivitiesGuy?? haha}


That doesn’t answer my question. But…alright.

And, really?, you don’t think Sandow’s physique is attainable?