Stop TRT or Pursue Another Doc?

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I am 43, been on test cyp at 100 mg / week , no ai, no hcg. TT at 780. Started trt in January of 2013. I was diagnosed at primary…where my signal doesnt send to testes. Prior lab before trt was 207 and 221.

Heres the problem. My endo will not let me fill more than two vials of test per year. This is works out to 4000 mg divided by 52 weeks…it doesnt support my dosage requirements. He is now suggesting I start some clomid and go off trt all together. I need some advice. Before trt I felt bad. Sex drive zero, failing marriage, depression,etc. I feel much better on trt…but frankly sick and tired of the hassle at the pharmacy, insurance and now my own doctor.

I have a couple fears with any direction I go. If I go off the chances of restart are low with only clomid. My doc was appalled by my suggestion of using hcg, even though I have shut down for nearly 2 years. The other fear is finding someone who knows this stuff. I have gotten better advice from this forum than any doc, especially ksman. Other than shrunken testes, all is good.

Any thoughts?

You are saying that you have primary hypogonadism. That means that T was low and LH/FSH were normal or high. If this is the case and you took clomid [I always suggest Nolvadex] and it increases LH/FSH, your testes will still not product T.

You would know the above if you were reading the stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Your doc is an idiot.

Please post more info about you as per the first sticky and list your labs with ranges.

Inject T in divided doses twice a week or EOD. You can inject with 0.5ml 1/2" #29 insulin syringes, ~$14 at USA Walmart or SAM’s, “ReLion” house brand. No Rx required in most USA jurisdictions.

T + SERM might preserve your testes, suggest Nolvadex as some guys have bad estrogenic side effects from Clomid. [Docs do not understand this].