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Stop Training and Grow!!

This paragraph off Mike Mentzer’s web site gave me quite a chuckle:

"Special Tip for Lagging Body Parts–Reposted 12/13/05

For some, even one set for certain body parts may prove more than the individual can tolerate or even need. For instance, over the years, I have had training clients, who informed me at the start that they couldn’t stimulate growth in their calves, whether they were training them with 12 sets three times a week or just one set once a week. They took my advice, acknowledging the possibility that even one set may be too much, then ceased training their calves entirely. These individuals reported to me on a regular basis, claiming calf increases of 3/4" to 1 1/2" in several months."

That settles it, as of today I am no longer working out. I feel this will give me the growth I’m looking for. I’ll post my progress as it comes!

Also, be wary of walking.
Nothing causes overtraining like low-intensity cardio.

I’m sure you’ll see the benefits of not lifting through increased power, explosiveness, not to mention all the strength you’ll gain by not lifting weights.
The extra size you’ll gain is sure to be more functional than the sarcoplasmic bulk of bodybuilders.