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Stop... These Guys




You can find more of the douche bags here.




You might have to live in NJ/NY to understand this...

But there will be a holy war against the Gucci Fags....or a jihad, if you will.


LOL! It's not just NY/NJ. These Aliens have Friday & Saturday night club meetings in Donut shops all across the Greater Toronto area. We must act fast!


Guys, I'm not from USA, so can please someone explain to me who da fuck are these fags?
Is this like a modern thing in US?


Its mostly Italians (or those from Italian descent) who go ridiculously over the top in dressing in top of the line clothes such as Gucci and...well..whatever other Italians make clothes. They have so much hair gel that when it rains they become strangely similar to an oil slick...they are wanna be tough guys who very often are left bleeding on the ground after fights (they have ginorous attitudes also).

Not too mention that the hot chicks seem to love these fags, maybe because they know they can dance with them and hair gel barbie boy will be staring at the bouncer's package regardless.

So they talk alot of shit, are fancy, get women, but are secretly gay. Kind of like the French.



Best public service announcement in history!

These guys must all die by the way...die with their heads shaved with fake tan bottle crammed up their asses tied to the back of their damn lowered f**king neons with their skin tight underarmour bar wear....die die die!



Just looking at that picture makes me want to pull off multiple spinning roundhouse kiks to each of thier faces. Even though I hate assholes, would it be considered an asshole thing to do to just walk up and punch someone like this in the nose?



LMAO, this PSA was funny. Especially the last part:^)

I'm so grateful that I don't live in US. Seriously.
Fuckin fags.


I'm with you man...


"Mmmmmm, you touch my tra la la, my ding ding dong"



I'm sure there are just as many "fags" where you live.


That's exactly what I was thinking, although I think Gunther could kick these guys asses.


That was awesome. The shot of them wearing the nike headbands is great. Priceless!!!!


No wonder Osama Bin Laden hates America. A country where these guys are allowed to exist...


if these guys are everywhere in jersey now , im glad i moved to atlanta in 96.

to anyone in jersey are the asspipes in Asbury Park too.



                   tin can




Ya know... these guys remind me of some frat boys (and by frat boys I mean the Asian frat boys here in S.Cal that I've seen at my girlfriend's sorority functions). Gawd, some of them just pisses me off. They try to pull of that "I am a badass and am too cool" look when I know I can break them in half with my left ear-lobe alone. You put 12 of these guys together in a group, call it a frat, give them a lil' frat cheer no one can understand, and BAM you got a nauseating gene pool that should be quarantined.

Note: this is a generalization, I am not saying ALL frats are like this nor am I saying ALL frat guys are like as I described (I know a few frat guys who don't fit this mold).

But yeah... Damn, I swear, seeing them makes me want to kick things, things like their faces.


Douchebaggery,word of the day!