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Stop the Supplement Banning


We still have a strong chance to keep the thousands of valuable, safe and popular ‘optimum nutrition’ level, higher dose vitamin and mineral supplements that remain under threat from EU legislation. We expect to learn in the next few weeks what Maximum Permitted levels are being proposed by the EU - with all the regulations firmly in place by 31st January 2009.
Right now there’s a simple action you can take that lets the politicians know you don’t want your access to safe and effective supplements stopped by unnecessarily restrictive legislation.

Make a difference by simply adding YOUR signature to the Save Our Supplements Petition. It will only take a moment of your time. Go to www.consumersforhealthchoice.com/petition .
Please forward this email to anyone else you know.
We need hundreds of thousands of signatures. The Petition is directed to the European Commission and the Governments of the Member States of the European Union. Adding your signature will only take a few moments but could make a considerable difference to the outcome of the Save Our Supplements campaign.

The petition is of crucial importance because it supports the advertisements Consumers for Health Choice are placing in the national press - and helps remind Gordon Brown and his ministers, particularly the Health Minister Dawn Primarolo, of the problems with the Food Supplements Directive and the actions they need to take.
Thanks for your help and support.
Wishing you the best of health,

Please i know this does not apply to people outside the EU but please for us guys in the EU sign up