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Stop the NAU! and The Amero


Stop the NAU! and The Amero



The American experiment is over . . . It was fun while it lasted. It's already been signed and is well on its way.


I had trouble reading the links, mostly because your new avatar is very distracting! :smiley:


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The US army is to enforce a huge security perimeter around the upcoming North American Union meeting in Canada this August as well as cracking down on expected protests, having already shut down a public forum due to take place close to the event.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Montebello, Quebec on August 20 and 21 is to be policed by American forces, who along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have already refused to allow the Municipality of Papineauville, which is about six kilometres from Montebello, to rent a community centre
to the Council of Canadians action group who were planning to hold a public forum the night before the confab to express their concerns about the meeting and the issues being discussed.

�??It is deplorable that we are being prevented from bringing together a panel of writers, academics and parliamentarians to share their concerns about the Security and Prosperity Partnership with Canadians,�?? said Brent Patterson, director of organizing with the Council of Canadians. �??Meanwhile, six kilometres away, corporate leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada will have unimpeded access to our political leaders.�??



As a European, I'm really interested in hearing other opinions.
The EU was more or less forced "from above", BUT the major parts of population were pro nontheless.
Europe was a slaughterhouse for so long, so the arguments based on assured peace alone made the deal.

But concerning America...doesn't share a tousand year old rivalry with Mexico and Canada, so what gives?
Are the economical benefits convincing enough for you guys? Are you OK with a NAU revolution "from above"?


Using armored cars, satellite surveillance, snipers, guards in body armor and high powered rifles.

Using bright red guys on horses with muskets and binoculars.

With two cops that can read (if they happen to be available and can find the place), tricycles, baseball bats and a lot of squinting.