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Stop the Motor of the World


"I will stop the motor of the world."
--- John Galt in Atlas Shrugged

The time has come to put an end to this, once and for all.

(1) Take your money out of banks, and put it in credit unions. Don't let one penny of your efforts support the large financial criminals out to rob you, to pay for their greed and looting.

(2) Put some of your savings in gold coins, in a safety deposit box at your credit union. This will further remove your money from the 'system'. It doesn't earn interest? You don't want it to. Don't try to make money with a parasite on your back. Don't feed the system.

(3) Buy gold mining shares for your 401-k. Do NOT invest capital so that it would help this system.

(4) Earn as little as possible to get by. Don't produce an extra penny's worth of wealth that can be looted.

The next American Revolution CAN be won: "It is real, it is possible, its yours." --- Ayn Rand


That seems like an awful lot of work.

Why not just move to Taiwan, China, or HK?


Is America worth saving? I would fight to the death for the philosophy which created this country.

The battle lines are being drawn. It is individual rights, egoism, and the simple idea that your life belongs TO YOU, versus the idea that the group is more important than the individual, that sacrifice is a moral ideal, that COLLECTIVISM (such as in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany) is the model of our future.

Are the few things I described above 'a lot of work'?

Man as rational egoist or 'man' the serf to the State? "Take your choice. There is no other. And your time is running out." (Atlas Shrugged).


What you described above were

Or otherwise, completely remove yourself from producing anything in and for the US in order to convince them (I'm assuming through complete economic collapse) to see things your way.

Yeah. That seems like a lot of work.

I mean if you want to do it, go for it. And yeah, the ideals that started this country are absolutely worth fighting for. I guess it just depends on whether those ideals were 'government of the people, for the people, and by the people' as lincoln so aptly put it, or whether they were negative rights to personal property.


We currently have a system based upon robbing one group to benefit another. For ex, the freeloaders in Cali get bailed out by those who did NOT overspend. The excuse is to avoid human suffering.

The USA will eventually collapse when this system runs out of victims (similar to what happened to the Roman Empire). But then the productive people are simply gone and a new Dark Ages commences.

It is far better to withdraw, let the system collapse (since it has no more victims), then rebuild from the ashes. And hopefully, we'll finally realize that unselfishness is evil, that only rational egoism is proper to Man.

The system we have attempts to impose an unnatural morality on humanity. It is doomed. Will you survive it?


That is one and the same really, because once they figure out that they can legally steal from you and that you just accept it, a 'government of the people, for the people, and by the people' is no longer acceptable for some people.


Well, my $0.02, the first two steps are worth doing, if only to protect oneself. Not sure about the other two.


A few questions and comments:

(1) If the currency becomes worthless, what good will it do you to have it in a credit union rather than a bank? And if it doesn't, what's to prevent the owners of the credit union from absconding with your cash?

(2) Gold is good. Silver is good for all the same reasons, and is currently cheap in relation to gold. Diversify! But again, what makes a safety deposit box at a credit union any safer from the powers of government confiscation than one at a bank?

Plus, look at it this way: if I were an armed thug during an economic crisis, I'd hang around banks and credit unions and watch for people coming out with heavy-looking bags, then follow them home and help myself. No, if you can't touch your gold, you don't own it.

I'd further suggest diversifying the gold and silver coins a bit with ammunition, toilet paper, chocolate, whisky, cigarettes and condoms. An investment in a Katadyn water purifier and portable generator would be money well spent as well.

(3) In a total economic collapse, would those gold mining shares be redeemable? And even if they were, why bother putting them into a 401k, where your ownership of them will be known to the government? Why not just buy and hold them through an offshore trust?

(4) Hmmmm. Seems I recall a conversation along these lines somewhere before. Where could it have been? (Shrugs). http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/world_news_war/income_tax_not_required_not_constitutional?id=1735128&pageNo=2



As always, I am your student.

These are all excellent suggestions. My ideas were meant more for those who are a little more mainstream --- I suppose few here would know anything at all about a Manx trust or something similar.

The 401-k or similar DOES have the risk that, like in Argentina, the government simply confiscates your account and substitutes some miserable gov't pension.

My assumption also is that the collapse will not be total, that some individuals will arise at the nadir and restore some semblance of a government. If it is total, we'd probably lose the contents of the box and the mining shares.

I would happily vote for you, btw.


I agree with Objectivism, but you cannot present it directly and expect to be taken seriously. Too many Objectivists have come through looking like complete nutbags (Mentzer) and calloused people against it. Even the main body of Objectivists have made asses of themsevles to the degree that they developed a cultish perception.


I'd love to join the revolution, but I only have two semesters left in school. If everything can just hold out long enough for me to graduate and move back West, then VIVA LA REVOLUCION!


what, and no more utopia of greed?


yea fuck laws and cops! anarchy dude!


"I suggest, sir, that you check your premises." (Atlas)

Greed is good...greed for life, for sex, for money. Anyway, the point is that your desire to live is being held hostage by this system. You want to have a happy life yet have to pay extortion to those who enjoy wielding power. Is that a viable social system? The world we have today is the result of such a policy. Productive people are supposed to provide a peaceful industrial society...at the point of a gun? Under threats by IRS thugs?

Won't work.


We'll try and hold it off, but if we can't, you can probably just watch it on TV.


Correct on all points. In a case of collapse, bullets, guns, food and alcohol will be hot commodities. Also everyone should invest in a personal fire proof safe.

A safe in your house or apartment is a must. If you don't already have one, get one.


Ayn Rand is a cunt. Her "work" sucked.

It will never happen.


The motor is being stopped. The novel describes, in effect, a controlled demolition.

What will happen as more and more people simply refuse to have an involuntary mortgage attached to their lives? We're seeing it now. No one will start a business if people like Obama are simply going to steal their efforts to enrich the 'more deserving'. No one will invest in their future when a parasite is collecting tribute.

Who here wants to help Nancy Pelosi and her plans? Who wants to sign up to help Harry Reid? Ted Kennedy? Hillary Clinton? Timothy Geithner?



Wow. If they're that unpopular, you gotta ask yourself how they keep getting elected.


Because most people want something for nothing. They vote for these people because they promise to share some of the loot with them...you know, like the woman who said she didn't have to worry about her mortgage anymore, or putting gas in her car; Obama would fix it.

So I urge everyone here (though you seem to be a lib)...stop supporting your own destroyers. Quit funding those who rule by looting instead of justice. The only way to kill the parasites is to starve them out.