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Stop Taking AI with Low Dose Cut?

Im currently running a low dose cutting cycle to prevent catobolism while dieting and am taking arimidex .5 mg every m/w/f with one of them being my injection day of 1ml of 200mg test e and 200mg eq do these dosages even warrant an ai and if not do I need to taper dosage or anything or just come off? I know lab tests are only way to determine completely accurate levels but not an option rn long story so in any of you guys experience what would you do? Just dont wanna be taking anything extra if not absolutely needed

i have taken 0.25 mg eod arimidex on 500mg sustanon / week cycle

even with that amount i have had over normal range e2

after half of the cycle i have increased dosages according to how i feel but never went over 0.25mg everyday . even with 0.25mg everyday i have had joint creaking sound (low e2)

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That’s a lot of AI for a very low dose of test. I’d say don’t take it unless you have evidence that you need it. Even then you probably don’t need that much.

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Thanks brothers appreciate it I feel like I overthink how much aromatization is gonna occur even with lower dose cycles and the fact that I have a pretty damn low body fat I probs don’t even need it and am honestly better off without I’ll stop taking and see how I feel for a couple weeks

Then you overthink your way into itchy nips then over think your way into a soft dick next thing you know your estrogen is bottomed out because your taking adex daily.

This i what I preach when it comes to AI and my beliefs that they should not be used unless absolutely needed

Many guys on TRT taking 200mg/wk need an AI to keep their E2 in check but it is more like .25mg/wk not 3 times a week. You really need a mini blood test so you don’t have to keep guessing. After a while with mini bloods you will know your body and blasting becomes so much easier.

To be fair, I can stay on 200mg months without any adverse sides besides feeling good. Estrogen isn’t the devil it’s made out to be, I personally believe AI’s are somewhat overused.

However when I was given an AI as therapy to attempt to stop premature closure of my ephysial plates because my original predicted height was 5’9, by 13 it was 5’5, so with the SEVEN MILLIGRAMS of adex/wk given to me (god knows how that fucked with the natural development of my at the time delicate HPTA), I ended up being… Slightly below 5’5…

I wonder if the pharmacists filling my scripts thought I had breast cancer…

My lipids went to shit on the stuff, and my trigs weren’t great. Suprisingly, libido was adequate (did take a bit of a dip, but nothing like the lack of libido I encountered with hypogonadism)

Trigs r currently 90mg/DL, HDL is still on the low side (low 40s) and LDL boarderline/high (140) HDL/LDL ratio is somewhat fine, total chol is 200. So not great, somewhat genetic, somewhat pharmacological doses of testosterone.