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Stop Suggesting Short Cuts on the LiveSpill


Seriously people, either take advice from the expert or do what you want... BUT everyone would be better served if coach could explain his methods in more detail instead of telling people to buy a sled repeatedly. Im thinking Coach Thibs has thought about alternatives and done alot of research so why waste time arguing with free super awesome information.

Sorry to complain people and I totally understand if this gets taken down...... but for peats sake, dont buy a sled, do lats and bis everyday, do a mcdonalds pulse fast instead of a MAG-10 pulse fast but please stop wasting everyones time by writing this crap on the LiveSpills. OK Im off the puter and going to lift. THIBS-Nation... get with it or watch us believers warm up with your MAX, then watch your girl sit in our laps:) lol


While I wasn't about to start a topic for this - I share your sentiments.

Every other question seems like "Thibs I train with my dog, can i have him lay on his side and I use him as a sled?" facepalm

If you don't have the resources for this program, it's okay, there's 100's of other training programs on this site. :slightly_smiling:


But dog-sledding is a great workout.



<3 this reference. My cat is a fatass, can I do the same with him??? No, really, he must be like 15 pounds of fuzzy pussy.


It is. Load the dogs in the sled, pull the sled. I think it's what they do in Canada. But seriously, for a long time I resisted getting a sled because I thought it was being hyped by guys who wanted to sell me a sled. Then CT began talking about it and I listened because CT knows his stuff. Then I tried dragging a heavy sandbag. I became hooked. Great workout. I would even say that it was a better cardio-strength workout than kettlebells and complexes (and I am a fan of both of those forms of training). Really, all you need is a place to drag. Anything heavy that you can tie a rope around and you won't mind scratching the paint will work as a "sled." While I can sympathize with the guys who live in concrete jungles and may have trouble finding a good place to drag, if you can find an open field, you have no excuse for not dragging something heavy.


What about when it begins to ice and snow? During the winter months, people who live in areas such as you and myself NEED to find a place in-doors unfortunately...





In all seriousness, it's just not plausible. Worst case scenario, this is what I would do as well, but the options are either to drag it through the snow or get no traction due to the ice both of which are not ideal. I've already spoken to the manager of the gym I train at. Explained to her that my sled wouldn't tear up the rug since the bottom side is completely smooth and that when I wasn't using it, the trainers there could feel free to use it to train people as long as it didn't leave the building.


I hope you manage to convince your manager to let you keep the sled in. The last time I talked to my gym's manager the conversation went more or less like this:
ME: Are you ever going to get a power ra...
HIM: Nooooooooo......
ME: Any chance you could get a trap bar?
HIM: What's a trap bar?

Good luck with your guy. He's essentially getting free equipment, so he'd be an idiot not to accept it.



We get to do an exercise that many in other parts of the country can't - snow shoveling. It's not dragging, but I would argue that it is eccentric-less. And explosive - load up a shovel full of snow and throw overhead. Even though I live in a community where our sidewalks get shoveled, I'll still go out and shovel just for the workout.

For traction in snow and ice, you can get an inexpensive pair of snowshoes or Yak Trax. I haven't tried the Yak Trax but I hear they work okay.


BTW BiP: Whenever I see that footage I always think that Rocky's workout is superior, far superior in fact, to Ivan Drago's high tech gym.

"Being chased by KGB in Mercedes make Rocky run fast, tovarisch!"


If they ever remake it Drago will be using a barbell and Rocky a bosu ball. Because Rocky wins through functionality!


[quote]hockechamp14 wrote:

Every other question seems like "Thibs I train with my dog, can i have him lay on his side and I use him as a sled?" facepalm

I, like you and jj77 have ironically all thought about saying this exact same thing. I Did post in the livespill a few days ago, as I was asking these same ?'s, and eventually ended just making the damn sled, cheap and easy. And I love the f*(Ing thing to be honest.

...but yeah...people please stop posting about this and simply follow advice/instructions of posters here or look for more specific directions on google or something...its worth the time and investment.

I literally spent 3X the amount of energy and time thinking of and trying out potential eccentric-less exercises compared to the time it took to actual build the damn sled itself.


It's very possible to use the sled on snow. It was snowing and/or raining here in st. louis the first two times i did my lower body sled work in the park. Actually, you won't have to drag as much weight to put on the bastard because the friction of the snow will naturally increase the resistance.


Sled dragging in my dorm hallway FTW when everything freezes over in Ohio. :slightly_smiling:


Pics or it didn't happen :slightly_smiling:
I was tempted to use the hallway at my uni, but I already got weird stares from the two Chinese guys who were in the office last sunday when I was doing a neural charge workout. Given that there are cameras everywhere outside the office the security would probably have a problem with me. I'm going to try an improvised prowler (push only) at my gym today instead.


I was pulling in a park once on part of a road where it dead ends and cars would drive up to me just to ask what I was doing; a little awkward but still didn't keep me from coming back, I also had a cop stop me once when i was in a school parking lot to check what I was up to.


Did you tell him you were prowling?


^ LOL!


I get what you're all saying.

It is sort of frustrating though. I can make the sled, but I have nowhere to store it, and I can't use it on our brand new gym floors anyhow. They'd probably fire me if I did.

I was doing deadlifts with a drop from the top position, but the stores downstairs got jittery when they thought someone was going to come crashing through the floor. They even lost some of their fancy ceiling lamps apparently. And here I was all polite putting mats underneath the plates to muffle the sound.

I tried the same thing at another one of our gyms, but this was also on the second floor, and the receptionist claims she actually saw the ceiling moving. She got really scared. The other gyms in the chain are just too far away for it to be practical to go there, and since the people there don't know me they'll probably throw me out for acting crazy anyway...Sigh