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Stop Stretching Hamstrings?

Ok so first id like to say i have a anatomical leg length discrepancy, and my left leg is the longer leg. I’ve had osgood schlautters ( fuck spelling that correctly) in the left knee, snapping hip syndrome on the left leg, when i was younger i had an injury where my hamstring pulled away from the ischial tuberosity causing some bone growth similar to osgood schlautter. but lately i’ve been dealing with a pain /tightness feeling high in the hamstring on the left side, near the glute tie in. Stretching and foam rolling are doing nothing for it, so i’ve planned to stop lfting for 2 weeks to recover. should i keep stretching it? Stretching is painful there and doesn’t seem to do much for me.

also, fuck my damn LLD

Try this basic muscle test and if you get pain or weakness or you cant feel it contracting much on your left compared to your right that suggests a tear or neurological impairment

I would suggest trying this on all 4’s quadriped if you lack mobility.

Well, there is some mild pain doing that, but my left leg has always been weaker, I attributed it to different leverages when I squat and deadlift and being my non dominant side.

One of the best things I did was to stop stretching my hamstrings, then one of the best things I did was to start stretching them again.

Most of the ways were taught to stretch overdo it for athletic purposes, so not doing it is better than overdoing it. Basically you’re ripping the muscle. If it’s injured then yes not doing it also helps all your doing is continuing to rip it. Lightly stretching, and I mean real light and working up over time to a half decent stretch for a short time provides the most benefit.

I think the problem with deep stretching is that people tend to not do it for a month or so then jump right into it and stretch the hardest for 30 seconds. Now imagine if you didn’t do squats for a month then jumped in and did a few sets of max squats.

How much of a leg discrepancy do you have? If it’s less then an inch then forget you ever heard about it. They tell that to everyone. Strengthen the legs things will even out if they don’t they will work best for your body. Make sure you have good range of motion and you’ll be ok.

If you’ve been deadlifting and running a lot take some time off. After a week or so I would say do some single leg deadlifts, they seem to give the perfect amount of full ROM hamstring resistance. When you return try increasing your rep range and lowering the weight for a while as basic conditioning before going back real heavy.

Yeh the LLD is about 3/4" .

im pretty sure I over did it with some sprinting ( felt tight in the left side) and 2 days later i did 1 deadlift a minute for 20 minutes at 425lbs. hamstrings felt fine while doing it, but haven’t been right since