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Stop It with the Critique Threads



There are hundreds and hundreds of them. There are probably 5 or 6 on the first page here that are pretty much the same thing as your routine. Read through the other half dozen of them on this first page and you should be able to fix your routine without posting another redundant thread.

If you have a question about something then post it in one of those threads or PM someone that you see giving good advice.

please please for the love of all that is good... stop posting these critique my workout routine threads. they are killing the beginners and BB forums.


You are going to get so many program critique PMs now lol


Honestly... I wouldnt mind.

its just getting ridiculous now. So many "hows my workout look?" threads that are all pretty much the same workout. They all get the same responses from people trying to help.


I think if you have to ask "how does my workout look?" then you probably shouldn't be writing your own programs and instead use some of the many prescribed programs.


what kind of posts do you expect to see on the beginners forum?


Remove all the critique my routine threads on the first page and what you have left is pretty much what I'd expect.

As Teledin says, if you have to ask; just do what has worked for others as per the stickies etc.


Oh hai guuuys!!! wanna get huge!

I've done a lot of studying and came up with something, how does this look?

Day 1: chest/biceps
Day 2: arms/back
Day 3: full body
Day 4: bosu ball dumbell twists with legs in the air
Day 5: marathon
Day 6: starvation day
Day 7: myofibrillar hypertrophy day

Day 1 and 2 is my bodybuilding days, day 3 is my strength day, day 4 is the functional day (don't want to be bound with useless muscle), day 5 is my cardio, day 6 is my pulse fast, day 7 is my insert complicated sounding word here day (I want that dense look, not the bloated ballooned look that most bodybuilders have)

I was just wondering where should I put legs? Not sure if I'm gona bother doing them though...

Also, I was thinking about doing 3-5 reps, then 5-8 reps, then 8-10 reps, then 12-15 reps to avoid adaptation?

What u think???






Seriously, not a single one.

Whatever happened to finding a big dude, showing him that you are willing to bust your ass working, then lifting and training with him? Thats how I got started, he was a bodybuilder, not a powerlifter, but he helped me lay a solid foundation, all because I showed him I was ready to work and so he showed me the way.

Go find a strong guy, and copy him.


That reminds me of what someone at work said to me once (after which I thought, there's no hope for this guy).

He said (as if hoping I'd back him up here and laugh along with him) that he used to train with this guy at the gym, but then he started to study and research articles (i.e. one) on the internet and found out that this guy had been doing it all "wrong"!

as he laughs to himself in delight

So of course, this guy at work decides to drop all this other guys advise and do it the "right way" (which meant dropping all his basic movements, and concentrating on some weird crappy isolation movements that I've never even heard of and some obscure "functional" movements that had no real "bang for your buck")



shit yourself funny.


What's funny is after I started the routine thread I started getting pms from people asking me to critique their routines. Worst part is I don't think it was a joke.


It's gotten worse...I think half a dozen on the first page would be a modest estimate.


Bump.. hard to find this at the bottom of the page, eh?

In case any newbies actually manage to get this far down the page, before you even think about starting a critique thread take a look here first:


Food for thought..

If you absolutely positively must ask a question that the search bar can't solve for you, be aware of a handy dandy little template:


Probably too long.. I know I wouldn't have read this.


I remember the good old days where people would post their concerns (e.g. strength stagnation) and the typical response was:

"Eat big, lift big"

Or they would actually read bodybuilding books or something.

Now it's:

"What colour should I wear when working out? I think the blue really brings my eyes out"