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Stop Hating on NO Supplements


Surprise. It's better than you think.



Prepare for blastoff!!!


I'm still not sold on it, but here's an idea. Instead of buying the myriad of crap out there, just buy L-arginine if you feel it is beneficial.




Nobody is arguing that nitric oxide isn't a good thing...it's one helluva molecule.

However, what is most often debated, is whether or not taking extra arginine results in increased levels of nitric oxide, and if it DOES, does this increase result in greater increases in muscle mass and strength over time.

My personal experience is that arginine-based NO supplements are not worth the money, whatsoever. When I was younger, and did not have to pay rent, I spent a large amount of money messing around with the "first" "time released" NO supplement to hit the market to see if it did what everyone was telling me it did.

6 Months later I decided no, it did nothing perceivable, and if it did indeed do ANYTHING it was nowhere near worth the 100 dollars per month or more I was spending on it.


Agreed. I was skeptical, but finally tried a certain produce several weeks ago. I have been impressed and hope Biotest creates their own product.


I'm gonna just sit back, watch and enjoy this forthcoming onslaught.


I know we can't name products..... So I'll as you a question: Did your NO product contain leucine and hydrolyzed caseinate? The one I use does. I also add 5 grams of leucine to it. I've definitely noticed positive changes. I've been having great work outs while on very low calories. My recovery time is up, too.


I like to switch shit up. I take a bunch of different things every now and again and I take an NO supp now. It's good, I mean the pumps are better, my strength has increased, though possibly because of increased calories in my diet, but it's fun to mess around with different things to see what works for you, if you have the money, of course :wink:

I really don't find it necessary to take anything other than whey, but all of the additional stuff can ony help.


No, it did not. It was simply Arginine and Argining-AKG in a cellulose ester based tablet making it "time released" which, according to the company who "created" the product, was KEY to making it work.

As you probably know CLaw, insulin can have potent vasodilatory activity which is most likely mediated through nitric oxide formation. Both leucine and if I'm not mistaken the peptides contained within hydrolyzed caseinate both stimulate insulin release, which might lead to increase NO formation and the benefits that occur with that.

Is the insuline mediated nitric oxide formation that significant to explain your results? I dunno.

If there is any caffeine and/or theophylline or other phosphodiesterase inhibitors in the product, then those actions might be prolonged due to cAMP levels being maintained. The arginine and any derivatives thereof are simply the building blocks for NO - other factors are responsible for initiation of the cascade leading to NO formation.

Pragmatically, you're using the the product and noticing positive results, so really, that's all that matters in the end.


I would wager that the increase of Calories is far cheaper, and is doing far more for your physique than any NO-enhancing compound.


N.O. products are crap. There is a reason most of the advanced lifters here, and everywhere dont use them.

If you need more pump, take some creatine before you workout.

Arginine supplementation might have some benefits, but you would see better results if using them in the morning, or at night.

Rather than preworkout.


That is a good working hypothesis. I had great pumps and great training with the product. But it wans't until I added 5 grams of leucine that I noticed the body comp changes.

I know it's not the leu alone as I've used leu by itself, with whey, and with BCAAs. I've ever mega dosed on BCAAs and never noticed jack.

So it's leu + this product that makes something very interesting occur.


Hmmm. Well damn, that's pretty interesting stuff.

I mean, some people swear vehemently by some of this stuff, after a while you just gotta try it on yourself. - if its not ridiculously expensive anyways.

Anyways good to hear you're seeing some changes, if you continue to notice anything noteworthy down the road definitely share it with us.


What is the reasoning behind this, West?


Lipstick on the rims, got the rims blowing kisses.


For GH related reasons, arginine has been shown to fairly significantly increase GH levels, we believe arginine suppresses somatostatin to some extent to produce that effect.

In the morning you haven't eaten anything for hours, so obviously you haven't had carbs yet. So there should be little to suppress the GH release.

And at night you haven't had carbs for a while either, just proteins and fats, so agian, nothing to suppress the GH release.

How helpful it actually is, who can say, but it does do something if used correctly.

Something important to note, is that almost all work with arginine has been done with like 30grams INTRAVENOUSLY. As in injected straight into the blood stream.

Most people who use arginine take like 10 grams orally. Not the same thing, not even close.

Oral is no where near as effective in this regard.


What I take is less than $1 a serving. There is two versions of it. One has caffeine etc. in it. The other is the same stuff but without the caffeine. I use one pre-workout + 5 gms leu; and one post-workout + 5 grams leu.

I've done this for a while, and am certainly confident that the stuff I've been taking works. My workouts and recovery have been great on a very low calorie diet. I swear by the stuff now, and have recently gotten all of my friends on it.


Claw mind shooting me a PM on what this product is? I've been searching for a cheaper alternative for NO-Xplode but have had no luck. $1 a serving is pretty sexy

I don't care what anyone says, I love it :slight_smile:

And for some reason stores have stopped selling caffeine pills? (K wtf) so unless I want to keep buying energy drinks (expensive) or go for ephedrine, I'm SOL.


Shoot me a PM too, I have a pretty good idea of the product your talking about but I'm also fairy interested