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STOP......Gorilla Time!


Good morning, good afternoon & good evening t nation, GorillaMon here, I’ve been lifting weights in order to induce hypertrophy/increase my awesomeness quotient since I was about 16/17 & have finally decided this shall be the place to chart my resistance training efforts.


I first started training with my dad’s deceptively super-light-weight vinyl weights, then moved on to a cast iron set, then when I was about 24 I invested in a power rack & bench & SHIT GOT KINDA SERIOUS!

Initially my focus was on filling out my frame (I’m nearly 6ft 6), though, over the years I’ve leant more & more towards powerbuilding & strength training.


Over the last month or so I’ve been doing a super-basic strength training routine, really really focussing on getting the strength to match my size (I weigh about 290LBS), bit of a belly but nothing too bad.

Anyways, enough of this frivolity, time for the numbers!


Current best on left, goal on right

Bench Press: 142kgs >>> 182kgs.
Seated OHP: 104.5kgs >>> 132kgs.
Chin-Ups: 4 (band assisted) >>> 8+
Seated Lever Row: 140kgs >>> 135kgsx8
Leg Press: 195kgsx15 >>> 195x30 Can’t do squats due to knee issues :frowning:
Lose a lil weight, at least enough to get some ab definition.



And so it begins…

Thursday’s sesh:

Bench Press: 107x3 + 109.5x4x3
Assisted chins: 4,4,3,3,3


Seated OHP: 82x5x3
Row: 95x4x8


Leg press 195x5x15
15 minutes of cardio.

Strength is coming back pretty rapidly (prior to this training block I stopped training for about 3-4 months

Also, tried doing one-legged leg press, though this felt to harsh on knees, leg press only goes up to 195, will have to make do



Bench Press: 112x3 + 117x3,2,2,2.

Assisted chins: 4,3,3,3,3.

Bench strength really flying back up



Seated OHP: 84.5x5x3

Row: 100x4x8


you’re a big strong sasquatch of a man.

Imma follow your log



Leg Press 195x18,16,16,16,15 + 115 drop-set x 20.

15 mins cardio.

Cheers Yogi:)



Bench Press: 122x3,2,1,2,FAIL:(

Assisted Chins: 5,4,3,3,2.5!



Seated OHP: 87x5x3

Row: 102.5x4x8

Another good sesh, strength is now back to around 90-95% what it was prior to lay-off



Leg Press: 195x5 sets (lost track of reps) + double drop-set.

15 mins cardio.



Bench Press: 124.5x3,2,2,FAIL + 102x5

Assisted Chins: 6,5,4,4,3



Seated OHP: 89.5x5x3

Row: 105x4x8



Leg Press: 195x20,15,15,16,15 + double drop-set 135 + 75

15 mins cardio



Bench Press: 127x3,2,1 + 122x2

Assisted chins: 5,4,3,2,3



Seated OHP: 92x3,3,3,3,2

Row: 107.5x4x8


I’m back…BOOM!

Ok, a few updates first.

Update number 1: Approximately 6 weeks ago now I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (I’ve had systolic readings as high as 180!) so, as much as this has come as a pretty big shock to me to have such a problem at such a relatively young age (I’m 32) it’s also served as a MASSIVE impetus to get as strong and fit as possible.

Update 2: I’m now doing a really basic upper/low split three times a week (I just take sundays off) this enables me to hit pretty much everything three times a week (including cardio) which is conducive to my two basic aims of gaining both strength and improving my fitness.

Update 3: I’m toying with the idea of doing squats again (though, I’d only do them once a week just before my lower body gym & cardio session). I’ve also started using my olympic weightlifting shoes on leg press which seems to work rather nicely.

Update 4: In light of being diagnosed with high blood pressure I’ve started eating much healthier (for lunch I just have a Skyr yoghurt and a piece of fruit)…I still probably drink a bit too much and eat a bit too much sodium, but overall my diet is much improved.

Ok, I think that covers most thangs…first log is imminent!


And so it begins…again!

Bench press: 122x3,3,3,3,FAIL
Assisted chins: 7.5,6,6,5,5
Seated OHP: 87x5x3
Row: 97.5x8,7,6,6,6


Leg press: 195x17,17,16,16,16

Leg press tabata with 65kg had to pause a handful of times to get through this bitch!

Eliptical machine: level 9, 10mins

Static bike: level 12-15 10 mins


Bench press: 123x3,3,3,2,2
Assisted chins: 8,7,6,5
Seated OHP: 88x5x3
Row: 97.5x8,7,6,6

Row strength is a bit shit, will go heavier for less reps next time


Hamstring curls: 2 sets, not sure how much resistance
Leg press: 195x18,17,17,16,16
Leg press tabata 65kg nailed it this time!

Eliptical: 10 mins level 9
Static bike: 10 mins level 12


Bench press: 124.5x3,2,2,2,3
Assisted chins: 9,8,6,6
Seated OHP: 92x5x2
Row: 105x5,5,5,4

Good work-out!