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Stop Giving Away the Internets


Something has been distressing me lately. It seems more and more people think they can just go around handing out internets all willy nilly.

What are you going to do when the tubes are all dried up? This is a non-renewable resource people.

This stuff isn't like oil that we can keep pumping out of the ground forever.


What's distressing me is the gay-looking guy in your avatar.


Whoa, hold up partner.

That "gay looking guy" is Hunter S. Thompson.

And, as far as I'm concerned, he's looking quite dapper.


What fucking tubes? First iv heard of this shit...partner. Hunter S.Thompson, what a guy!


Give dem to me, now!


46 internets to you, my friend.


The series of tubes the internets flow through. You don't think lolcats just transmit magically do you? You must be like 32. Old people just don't get it.


16 internets for you.


100 internets for your hate of old people.


I'm giving away white bitches and internets all day, son!



The internets are a product of the electromagnetic spectrum and become converted to at the servers. The Bilderbergers just don't want you to know that.

An that guy looks like he wears Hai Karate.


You can't give away internets like that. People will start treating them like those prostitute cards mexicans flick at you in Vegas.

What good is an internet with a shoe print on it?


How many you want?


Ive never turned down a stepped on Mexican or hooker.


At least a hundred, but it sounds like you will have to consult kothreat first. He seems rather distraught about this Internets giving.



Well, that's their natural habitat.


175 internets, man. My bank is all about spreading them webs.


67 internets for giving thenatural science lecture.