Stop Dieting If You're Skinny Fat Article

Hey Christian,

I caught this article browsing the fat loss section and thought the supplement suggested was interesting…

I also caught another article (suggesting the same supplement) Control Nutrient Partitioning. . .

So I adjusted my calories based on body weight and brought my fats down to 20% (I had it at 25%)…

From here forward I want to try these current numbers…

Current weight - 152 lbs.

Calories will now be 2,280 - C/P/F 50/20/30 (According to MFP - C - 285g / P - 171g / F - 51g)

If I was to start taking the C3G as suggested per article, how clean should my diet be?

I will be very honest, I do not get too much cooking done at home. If I do I’m usually buying frozen salmon or whiting fish, the 2 lb bags of Tyson grilled chicken strips, frozen veggie microwave bags, sweet potato, eggs, whole grain waffles, etc…

I do often eat out and try my best to pick smarter choices depending where I go and I typically try my best to stick with the same food selections to avoid eating horrible. I do not snack, I only drink iced coffee black, no sugar or cream, water, and occasionally green tea (diet). I don’t touch soda or fruit juices. Not big on drinking milk and if I do it’s 1%.

Just curious if this will be a good supp to consider and how to make it most effective for me the best way possible. .

Both articles gave me some relief for dieting… Currently I was on a deficit doing my best to track macros and all. Lost some weight (156-151) But I really don’t want to get much lighter just to lose body fat… Skinny fat could describe me (which is basically weak and in need to muscular development) lol

Thoughts on this?

Thank you.

I think you just answered your own question?

Train hard, eat, sleep, build muscle. Worry about dieting later

Agreed, yesterday I decided I’m going to stop tracking as for years my weight and body has always been the same so I don’t worry about gaining more fat or over eating.

I know more how to eyeball certain foods and have a better idea of protein amounts, maybe that will be all I track.

But I’m going to just focus on eating enough, building strength and worry about the look of my body later down the road. Not going to complicate the process any longer.