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Stop Cycle After Two Shots of Test Cyp?

I’m 30y old. I started taking testosterone cypionate 10 days ago with 50-75mg of proviron each day.
I’ll speak completely frankly as I’m really desperate. I was always satisfied with my physique, I didn’t want to go on cycle to improve my looks at all.

I suffer from erectile dysfunction for a very long time, went to all possible endocrinologists, urologists, cardiologists and even shrinks and they couldn’t help me - I think I have changed more than 4 endo’s and 3-4 urologists so far. They always have the answer that it is all in my head.

My blood is ok (testo in rangesugar etc) although I’m not having nocturnal erections (morning wood) from what I know. cialis and viagra couldn’t help me either.
For years I’m trying different herbs and remedies, eating clean etc. but my sex drive is low and my erections are so weak, I cannot satisfy any girl.

As my testo was in mid range, I started clomid therapy (1/4 tablet every 3-4 days) and my testo went higher but it didn’t help my erections and libido.
So, my life is going to work and gym and avoiding girls as I cannot make love to them. I live in a small place where everyone know each other, so you can imagine what kind of impact it has on me when people start talking I’m impotent.

After several months I really met a special girl. Not only does she look amazing, she is a girl I can imagine spending my life with. Long story short, we tried several times and I just couldn’t get an erection. She has all the patience in the world but it will eventually run out.
I was so desperatethat I jumped on this cycle as I wanted at least a quick fix. Now I see how wrong it was - I feel horrid after 2 shots, my libido is literally non-existent, I can’t even get the semi-erection at the moment.

I already know it was a mistake but where to go from this? Should I continue with cycle or drop it completely and start PCT?

If yes, can you tell me when can I start PCT after 2 shots of cyp?
And do I go standard clomid + nolva + hcg?
Thank you

How much test cyp were you injecting? And no, you don’t have to pct after 2 shots :^ / But you also mention 2 vials…wtf?

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250ml of test 2 times (500 total). 1 vial is 250 so I took one 10 days ago, and other 5 days later. I wanted to go 250 every 5 days.

I know it’s crazy because cypionate is a slow ester, but I already feel my natural testo is shut - My libido is non-existent I can’t even get an erection since yesterday. Might have a mental issue now as well, because I know there is no way I can keep hold of my gf with this issue and it will not be resolved in distant future, if ever, especially after this.

Now, if it’s the case, is there any point at stopping cycle now or should I go 10-12 weeks as I planned?
Any possibility that my libido/erections will improve for at least brief period of time?
And my hpta will be shut regardless if I stop know or in 10 weeks from what I know?

I’m really confused. At one point I didn’t care about risks I just wanted to have a normal sex life for a short period of time but looks like I made things worse

Well I would say yes, your erection issue could reverse and be great but don’t underestimate the mental side of it. Since it’s already gotten in your head it may remain an issue regardless. Sounds like you aren’t ready for this.

Just wanna clarify; libido is interest in sex, desire, wanting to do it. ED is not being able to function once that feeling hits. You’re feeling both, or one or the other?

@dragon1952 Agree that mentally I’m not ready for this.
@swoops39 I’m feeling both at the moment, especially after I started injecting testosterone 9 days ago.
I’m a complete mess, don’t know even where to begin with.
Before I started taking my cycle I had some sort of libido (I was attracted and wanted to sleep with my girl).
As for erections, I have random erections on stupid places, like kissing her in the gym or in the park, but when we are in a bed it’s a nightmare.
We tried several time, in a foreplay while we are kissing everything is fine but as soon as she starts taking my clothes off or touching me down, I lose erection or it becomes very weak. We tried several times and I couldn’t penetrate once. We are in a relationship for almost 2 months and we didn’t have sex once because of my impotency…
I can’t explain you how bad and hopeless I feel as this is happening for years already and I foresaw all of this before we even started dating. I spent fortune on different doctors and none of them could help me.
So, stupidly, I jumped onto cycle for a quick fix as I already said. I wanted to have normal sex for at least 10 weeks if possible.
Also, I’m almost 31, time is not on my side to find a girlfriend for true relationship/marriage and I really want it.

Now, I have no idea what to do. I took 2x250mg of testosterone and I know hpta will be shut.
Is there any sense in dropping it now and starting clomid/hcg pct (what dosages and when after short cycle?)
Or does it make more sense to continue 10-12w as intended and see if I get better.
I’m mentioning again, my libido and erections are totally down after I started injecting. I couldn’t ejaculate for 15min in bathroom and when I did it was some sort of semi-erection.

Just relax. All that is normal. When you first start injecting hormones it takes your body a little time to adjust. If you stay on 500mg your libido will go into overdrive and your erections will get crazy hard. I started TRT with a natural pre-TRT total T level of 575 and my libido and erections have been amazing ever since. Maybe TRT would be a better option.

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This sounds 100% mental to me. Just my opinion. You’re in your own head too much about it.

As for your cycle, if you’re not looking to run test/prov for the BB benefits I’d just stop cold Turkey. No need adding more complications to this.

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I think I’m some cases Cialis or Viagra can do a lot. It sounds like op wants it, but just can’t perform. If that’s the case I would look into those drugs.

Also, honesty about these things helps. Sounds like you really like this girl. IMO, if she feels the same, she will be patient. Just my opinion.

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Should be noted individualistic reactions differ. My libido on 250mg/wk is lower than what it would be on 150mg/wk. Throw in ANY dose of masteron however and my libido will go into overdrive.

Testosterone in supraphysiologic dosages appears to (slightly) lower my libido. But I have far more energy (going about my day) on 250mg vs 100-150mg.

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@dextermorgan There is no way any endo will put me on trt in the shithole I live (souhern europe). My hormones are mid range, they wont even put people with negative T on trt here.
I can only self-administer trt but, as you can see, I’m not very experienced with it, I would like to have a family some day soon and it carries so much risks from my point of view.
I know I can stay fertile with HCG but still, there are so many things to consider and without proper medical guidance and my inexperience I’m really afraid to run into it.

I tried 20mg of cialis and 100mg sildenafil several times and neither could help.

This is the reason I wanted to run proviron with my T cycle, from what I know, proviron is structurally similar to masteron.
On 75mg of proviron and my libido and erections are still non-existent.

On the other hand, I’m already shut, is there any sense to stop now or go full cycle as I planned?
I can’t find anywhere on web, how do I approach PCT (if I decide to stop the cycle today) after 2x250mg of Test my PCT, do I go regular PCT with nolva/clomid after 2 weeks with heavy dosages or I can start earlier with lower dosages?

And thanks guys for your support!

It’s way easier to get in trt in southern Europe compared to Australia. Gotta be below 171ng/dl here or you’ll probably need to go private.

I’m sure there are private docs that’ll evaluate you. What was baseline T/FT? Have you ever had a thorough checkup (prolactin, thyroid, adrenals etc?). Do you have any other symptomatology that’d indicate endocrine pathology being present (lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, slow/fast metabolism, high blood sugar etc).

Sometimes these things are neurologically mediated, the mind can play serious tricks on you. That being said, Cialis/Viagra doesn’t cut it? Do you have a sex drive to begin with

This is the definition of mental ED. Normally viagra or cialis can help with that too, as the penis takes a lot of time to go soft after it is hard. You could try masterone. But your problem is anxiety in my opinion. I think an anxiolytic would help you more than ED drugs but that should be monitored by a doc (you’ll only get these drugs through a doc anyways). Anxiety is the number one boner killer, since you shouldn’t fuck while running away from a tiger mammoth hybrid.
If I was in your situation I’d take cialis and an anxiolytic. That should do it. But that’s only for the first maybe 2-3 times until you become relaxed and then drop the anxiolytic then after 2-3 more times, drop the ED med. Seriously don’t stress about it. I know it takes a toll on your relationship but don’t let it take a toll on your confidence, that’s the most important thing. Laugh about it until you fix the problem.

I didn’t want to bother you as this is a very, very long story but I’ll try to explain what have I done so far.
Last year and a half, I have visited different endo’s and urologists and discussed with most of them about TRT, among many other things.
My thyroid levels were elevated (TSH ) and prolactin was elevated and ft3 was at lower range).
I have managed to lower my TSH to normal range at one point (2.80, 0.27-4.20) and ft3 remained the same low (3.80, 3.10-6.80), I have lowered my prolactin as well to a normal range. I thought prolactin was responsible for my erections and low sex drive but even when it returned to normal range, I didn’t feel any better.
Then, I thought my mid-range testosterone is causing me problems (13nmol, 5-25 range).
I started with clomid therapy and raised my testo after 2 months to 9.49ug (2.49-8.36 range). I didn’t feel better either and couldn’t perform.

I did all possible screenings (thyroid, head screening for prolactinoma, testicles, prostate, heart) and everything was fine.

I have no problem packing muscle mass and my physique is really good, people actually think I’m on juice and I really look like I’m on high end of testosterone scale, I have a very manly look. I feel energized and motivated in the gym, but because of this problem, outside gym, I feel miserable - I can’t have a girlfriend, I’m afraid I wont be able to have a family some day and it’s killing me. Also, I don’t sleep very well, 5-6hrs.

In february I went to shrink as well and he put me on wellbutrin and xanax. He told me wellbutrin was not supposed to kill sex drive unlike other antidepressants. Honestly, I was taking it more than a month and didn’t feel any change, for better or worse.

I get the feeling doctors do not get me serious, they are so unprofessional it is unreal. They look at my physique, ask if I’m on steroids (now I will have to confirm), I spend half the time proving them I’m not and then, they conclude ‘look at you, you are such a strong, big lad, it’s all in your head then, what could possible be wrong with you’.
It’s a nightmare I’m in for years already.

In the end, after failed attempts with my girl, I decided jump to roids for a quick fix so she wouldn’t leave me. I wanted improved sex drive, erections, confidence.
We just started seeing each other, and she wont wait for me to become ‘potent’ forever, especially in the beginning.

Now, I should take my third shot tomorrow and have no idea what to do.
Should I continue with my cycle and hope for the best, or go ‘cold turkey’ as already said and abandon everything.
If later happens, things will be even worse. Last few days, I can’t even get a semi-erection, and I have a feeling she wont tolerate another fail.
As I said, tried both cialis and viagra and no help. Even tried pt 141 (bremenalotide) but it was either a fake gear or it didn’t work for me.

After reading this thread I’m going to go ahead and agree with them. Once in a great while a patient will go through a lot of doctors before finding the answer. But most of the time when a guy has your issues, sees 7-8 different doctors, and no blood work to indicate a hormone problem, the answer is in the one square foot of real estate sitting on top of your shoulders. Balance of probabilities says it’s in your head. Either that or the doctors you saw are all absolute garbage, and the odds of that are a lot lower.

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Your doc was right with the wellbutrin. It normally doesn’t kill sex drive. It should rather stimulate it a bit.

You said you can get a boner during kissing but when she touches your willhelm it’s over. That’s performance anxiety and it’s in your head. There can’t be something wrong physically or you couldn’t get it up in the first place.
I think you also want something to be wrong with you and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Maybe you bought into it.

I tell you what I’d do. Continue the cycle and take masteron with it. Take cialis 10-20 mg in the morning.
Then think about something you find hot, fantasize. If your dick isn’t raging hard at this point then you’re focusing too much on it. Just don’t think about it. Meditate and let all your worries go. If the girl leaves you it shouldn’t be. Just relax and let your mind clear.

Then while being with your girl, don’t ever think about how your dick feels. Just kiss her, feel her lips, her skin, smell her and if you’re relaxed with that drug protocol you should be able to hammer nails in your wall with it. Focus only on the sensations of your senses, your penis will do what it does best if you just let it. Just let your body be. Free your animalistic instincts and stop thinking. Do what turns you on. Have fun.

That’s the solution for it being in your head. And to me it sounds like it and here are many guys who had at one point in their life mental ED, it’s relatively common. Some psyche themselves out and I think you are one of them.


I had mental ED just recently. It was spurred on by hormones at first but then became a cycle where I was thinking about it not working way before sex and making it happen (not get hard). I had just started dating a new chick (who is probably the hottest I’ve ever seen, will marry one day and haven’t seen since we dated for 2 years when I was 11-13). The first night we tried to have sex I couldn’t get hard. Like not at all. I was with another girl a week before that I had been with for several months and fucked minimum daily and right before I ended it there was a random night I couldn’t get hard. For several months before that I had weird shit happening where I wasn’t getting as hard as normal and that coincided with the same time period I was using UGL for TRT. So basically hormone related ED turned into mentally induced ED. Fixing the hormones and getting more comfortable with the chick (pleasing her in other ways) got me back to the usual every morning and night sex drive I’ve been accustomed to.

If it’s anxiety related make yourself take much fewer breaths per minute and calm yourself (anxiety can be fixed with breathing). Tell yourself you may not have sex so it’s not that continuously toxic cycle of expectations, use your hands and tongue and in time things will start working the way they should. In the meantime be good to yourself and don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s a temporary thing.


You have to “BE the penis!”

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Spot on IMO. @Dextermorgan has some good advice too.

IMO, a man good with the tongue should have no worries. If you can get in some good foreplay, and she is digging it, it will turn you on. Maybe not, but you still satisfied her. If that happens a couple of times, you are bound to be successful eventually.

Whatever you do, don’t touch 19-Nors.

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Thank you guys for your support and great advises, special thanks to @lordgains and @dextermorgan for their great effort and time to help me.
I will continue with my T cycle then, maybe add masteron as lord suggested and see how I feel. Hope I start feeling better on cycle soon.

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