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Stop Congress from Making DHEA Illegal!


Your access to DHEA is in jeopardy! The Senate is considering a bill, S. 1137, to classify DHEA as an anabolic steroid, adding it to the list of controlled substances and removing it from the market. Similar legislation is expected soon in the House of Representatives. Your immediate help is needed to keep this safe and effective dietary supplement legal and accessible.

DHEA is not an anabolic steroid. It is a naturally occurring hormone that has a wide range of benefits, including maintaining muscle strength and strong bones, boosting immunity, and improving mood and sleep patterns. Further studies suggest that DHEA may be helpful for such conditions as obesity, cancer and Alzheimer?s disease. DHEA dietary supplements, which have been on the market for over 20 years, are derived from a plant in the wild yam family.

We need your help to keep DHEA legal. Enter your ZIP code in the box above to send a message to Congress asking your Senators and Representative to oppose S. 1137 and any corresponding House legislation. Congress should not restrict access to a dietary supplement that has given health to millions of Americans. Take action now!


Last year after hearing from DHEA supporters, Congress passed the Anabolic Steroid Control Act (H.R. 3866 and S. 1780), which provided for the listing of steroid hormone precursors such as androstenedione (“andro”) under the Controlled Substances Act.

This legislation contained a provision exempting the dietary ingredient DHEA, a prohormone with little or no potential for abuse as a performance-enhancing ingredient, but with demonstrated value in supporting normal hormone levels during aging. Because of our joint education and advocacy efforts, the exemption of DHEA from this act was not removed from the bill, and DHEA has remained accessible to the many who use it for health reasons.

Now some members of Congress would like to remove the exemption for DHEA by passing S. 1137 which was introduced in the Senate on May 26. If DHEA is added to the list of controlled substances, it will immediately be removed from the marketplace once the bill passes.

S. 1137 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary committee. It will be sent to a subcommittee very soon for recommendations. Then, the subcommittee recommendation will be reviewed and approved by the full Judiciary Committee before going to the Senate floor for a vote. We expect that similar legislation will be introduced in the House very soon.

It is critical that while S. 1137 is being considered by committee that your Congress hear from you about the legitimate health uses for DHEA and the importance of access to DHEA.

Does DHEA even work? I tried it with no results and all the literature seems iffy, anyway.

When you get older and your body produces less hormones in general, it will be too late.

It has nothing to do with whether or not you need DHEA now! Get off your lazy butts, go find the damn site, and tell your representatives to fight for your access to supplements.

Do you really think this is the last supplement they are going to take away from you?

vroom is absolutely right ~ this isn’t really about dhea, as much as it’s about the government’s position on supplements

~ Jack

[quote]heimdall wrote:
Does DHEA even work? I tried it with no results and all the literature seems iffy, anyway.[/quote]

The only thing it ever gave me was Severe acne.

I just signed it and wanted to bump this thread back to the top. Stupid Congress…oh but don’t worry, they’re going to save baseball.