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Stop Anastrozole Before Bloodwork?


My doctor prescribed testosterone for me because my test level was 142. No idea what my e2 levels are because he didn't check it. My thyroid, liver, stress test, etc all came back good. Except for high cholesterol and sugar which both were at 125.

I've changed my diet dramatically to tackle the sugar, and cholesterol. The test injections, either physically or mentally, have motivated me into becoming a lot more active. I'm very confident that over the next 2 or 3 years, I can work my way down to a single digit body fat percentage. When I become obsessed with something, I usually follow through.

After reading here, and other places about trt - I tried talking to my doctor about also prescribing HCG and AI. He didn't go for it. So I ordered myself a bottle of l-dex, and took my first .25ml yesterday.

Now I've found an anti-aging doctor that is going to check all my hormone levels, give me a full work up and his staff did say that he will utilize hcg and arimidex if my tests warrant them. However, my appt is not for another 6 weeks.

Should I lay off the Anastrozole until I get bloodwork done? Would stopping a couple weeks before scew my bloodwork results?


You are making a permanent doctor change, right? So ask the new doctor what he wants you to do. I'll bet he says just continue the testosterone prescribed by your first doctor and bag the Adex. If you don't want to call him, then I say drop the Adex, continue the testosterone, and let him see what your undisturbed E2 levels are. He can then treat you according to his experience. Adex is supposed to wear off fairly quickly, within a week, but why muddy the waters unnecessarily? Make it easier for him.


I agree with Turtello. If the new doc is as open as you understand, stop the adex and see where you really are relative to E2. Do you not have morning wood, or are "bloated" or feeling slow mentally?
Not every man man has E2 issues when on TRT. Many do, but not everybody...
If it ain't broke don't fix it, but I don't see where you state how long you have been on TRT.


Why not just continue the Adex and tell him you are taking it? It's your body.


KNB, I just started trt a couple weeks ago. Started adex a few days ago when it arrived.

I'm going to hold off on the adex because I would also like to see where I am normally on trt.

It's going to ease my mind quite a bit having all my levels checked.


Your on-TRT E2 level will be above optimal. If you get an E2 results when taking adex, the result will guide a dose adjustment. If you get on-TRT E2 without adex, your first dose will be a standard starting recommendation and a later E2 test will refine the dose. You will get to optimal E2 levels later that way.


Good point KSman. I wasn't thinking right. A little adex now to see what the blood test results show will be a great place from which to adjust dosage. Adex is like fertilizer, a little is good but a lot will kill your plants.


Yeah, very good point. Thank you for pointing that out, I hadn't even considered it.


basically just be completely honest with the new doc about what you are doing so he can base treatment changes accordingly, if you feel good with what you are doing keep doing it


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