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Stone Recipes

Does anybody know of a good stone recipe? I had a stone break last weekend, and as cool as it was to watch it break it kinda sucks because now we have to make it all over again. Do people put stuff inside the mold to make it stronger? My friend and I were thinking of some kind of netting or short pieces of rebar, or just a better concrete.


If you go to the Ontario Strongman website, there is a pretty good set of instructions, materials, tips, etc for stone making…

Make sure to use a mix High in portland and lower in filler.


Oh and do ALLLL you can to vibrate as much air out of it as possible


Use 4 or 5000psi concrete mix. If you can, get your hands on some plasticizer. The stuff is magic. You could use rebar but I never do and never had a problem

Chicken Wire is easier to work with than rebar, and for something that small, it would suffice.

Thanks for the tips, guys.