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Stone Molds


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has ever tried these stone molds from Iron Gladiators?

Also, how much would I expect to pay for conrete?



I have never tried the iron gladiator stone molds. Actually I'm planning on making my first stone soon. Anyway I guees if you can afford to buy the mold dont even worry about the concrete, just buy quickcrete very cheap.


So, if the mold is good enough, I don't have to worry about the concrete? The molds are pretty cheap, so I'm interested, not much knowledge on this whole stone making thing though


I have no experience with making stones because I have yet to make my first one. Conrete is concrete, also I know you are supposed to get a car tire to put the mold into so it doesnt get flat on the bottom. I bought a slaters hardware stone mold and those have a good reputation.


I have a couple of things you may want to keep in mind.

The IronGladiator molds are one time use only. This is not good. The Slaters hardware molds can
be used many times over. A friend of mine has some and I have helped him make 3 batches of stones so far. The molds are still in perfect condition. Concrete is very cheap so you are much better off having molds you can keep using. I know of guys who have made 50 stones in a mold and it is still fine to use.

The first time you make stones you may mess if up, especially if you don't have much experience with
concrete etc. For example one of our molds was not taped up tight enough and it burst open and set in an unusable shape.

You will definately want more stones once you make a couple. What happens is you make a couple of stones, let's say 100kg and 120kg. You train for a month with 100kg and it becomes much easier BUT 120kg is just too hard. You will need something in between just like on a regular exercise. When we made our first batch they went 55kg, 85, 117, 152, 172 and 186. This is why one use only molds are a waste of time.

Another thing to consider is the size of molds. what you might want to do is buy a mold that with normal concrete makes about 100kg, that way you can either make a heavier mix/inset some lead in there or shove in some foam, allowing you to make as low as 80kg or as high as 120kg. 16, 18 and 20 inch molds are most likely what you'll need. 16 will get about 80kg, 18 about 115kg and 20 about 170kg. See where you're strength levels are and buy accordingly, knowing you have about a 40kg spread per stone which you can make.

I know guys might disagree but makesure you train with tacky. It's like chalk with the deadlift, it may be harder without it but if you use it you'll be regularly lifting heavier and what you can lift without chalk will raise faster than if you'd trained without it. Tacky can be expensive, if you want some feel free to pm me and I can give you the details of a guy who can make it a little cheaper than the big suppliers.

Sorry for the long winded and messy post, I'm half asleep