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Stone Loading Tips for the Short


Like the title says- I'm 5'4", and will be competing in a local strongman competition in about three weeks. Pretty much, the platform sits at about my chin level. In the 3 weeks I've actually been training with strongman implements, I am able to get the stone lapped fairly easily. As one might expect with my height, the top of the loading movement is my sticking point right now. I was going to see if anyone had any specific technique advice for me. Was thinking about trying to "clean" it up and try to put a shoulder under the stone slightly so I can push it up over the ledge.

The stones are the only event in the comp that I'm not confident in. Otherwise, I think I have a good shot at first place within my weight class. Thoughts?


I am 5'6 so.....

You have to get the stone REAL high on your chest before you go to load. You will see tall guys go for the load with it closer on their stomach because they can get away with it.

When you go to load you have to really explode through with the hips and lean back get practically on your toes. If you are fast enough it will kind of pop off your chest to get it even higher. if you can get it to the edge of the platform you can press it against that at the top of the load with your body and press/roll it onto the platform


Like Kalle said, you have to get the stone on your chest and explode up.

The other tip that I was told for stone loading in general is that you want to be a crane, not a forklift. Once I have the stone lapped I re-adjust my arms. Instead of hugging it you want to reach over the top. If the stones on your chest and not your belly this allows you to get it much higher.

@0:40 you can see what I mean, high on the chest and reach over

And then you have Kevin Knee using the forklift technique