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Stone Age Food: Hunters vs Farmers




Awesome about the ten dollars, man!




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This is reality, and reality has been around for a long time. Sadly, it has been buried by the clueless and the opportunist.

I hope the anthropologist is putting on an affectation for the media and our ignorant population. I would rather not think that he has been genuinely surprised - maybe as a kid fed our USDA nonsense, maybe as a regular adult - but not as an anthropologist. But anthropology has been compromised in recent generations.






good info. Thanks.


I dont understand


Did you steal that line from Michael Scott?


Without corn, there would be no tortilla chips, or worse, they would be made out of that veggie-paste from whole-foods. So, in order for there to be a Mexican palette of food to butcher into Tex-Mex, I'm siding with the 'corn is awesome' crowd.

Also, salsa.