Stomach Virus

I think i’ve come down with a little bit of the stomach virus or i just had a bad batch of milk and froot loops. I know i shouldn’t be eatting those, but they looked good and its been almost 2 months since i’ve had any sugary ceral.

After i ate it, i was in the bathroom for 20 minutes, went to school for 20 minutes and left cause i couldn’t stand it any more. Every time i eat something it comes back out bout 15-20 minutes later. So i can’t eat anything at all and i’m starving.

So what do i do? Should I just wait it out and then just eat alot when I can eat food again or should I just try and eat and hope it stays in? I can’t hold liquids down eaither, i’m tryin to drink water, i’m drinking it slowly and its managing to stay in me.

I was fine when i woke up though. I don’t know if its the protein shake i drank before bed last night because i’ve never tried that kind or brand before bed or if it was the change in type of food or if its a bad batch of ceral. I just know i can’t hold anything down at all.

Search for Invincibile Immunity by Eric Cressey on Google, gives good “sick tips.”

I’m not a doctor but it totally sounds like food poisoning (rotten food).
I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait.

be prepared for massive weight loss

[quote]jck524 wrote:
be prepared for massive weight loss [/quote]

assuming it is food poisening and the OP recovers in a few days then he will lose water weight, and some energy stores that need replenishing - but not that much lean mass. About a week or two later he’ll be back to normal.

One suggestion to the OP though - dont train as heavy when you first recover, try a week or two with 50-75% normal weights to see if there is any residual weakness hanging around.