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Stomach Virus

What do you do in this situation?

You know when you can’t eat. Or you can eat but it makes you feel like you’re dying. Force feed yourself to prevent muscle loss?

If you feel like you can still train, eat as normal

otherwise, fast or whatever

what fast for days?? - this shit aint going to leave me til tuesday I dont think!

I’m sure someone will disagree with me, but if you have an actual viral infection, I would be more interested in allowing your immune system to fight it, rather than add the stress of continuing training. Muscle loss over the course of a few days is not something I would worry about. Stay hydrated. Just my opinion.

How do shakes/liquids in general? IMO If you can’t eat just get protein shakes and some greens plus up in ya, do a session once you’re back at 80% to sweat it out, go back to it after that.

I lost about 5 kgs. Looks like muscle. Am back to eating but not full intake. I never fasted entirely but went down to well under 2000cals per day on a 300lb body for 48 hours.

What do you mean when you say it looks like muscle? How are you able to tell? sure, 2000 cals for someone of your height and weight is well under maintenance, but 5kgs of “muscle” in 2 days? Doubtfull. Don’t sweat it that much.