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Stomach Problem Is Still Not Over!


Ok so I switched to CaptainLogic's breakfast plan (thanks for that again CL!) but instead of the banana I use a double Grow! shake so I'm sure i got a truckload of protein to keep my stomach happy for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Well today I had the same problem as before, growling stomach just 2 hours after my massive breakfast.

WTF is wrong with me? Could it be stress or something and not nutrition related? I'm going nuts over here!

[for the original story look for my "Metabolism Out Of Control" thread. I can't seem to get the link right]


I think someonme in the other thread mentioned you might need some fat in your breakfast. You could try peanut butter. That is easy to eat in the morning.

BTW, what are you doing going a whole 2 hours without eating? You need to eat 12 meals a day to get hyooge!


Aren't you the same guy who avoided eggs? Your post here is bordering on lame. Gee, you eat mostly protein and you are amazed that your stomach empties in two hours? That is pretty much what anyone would experience unless their metabolism is amazingly slow. I am not sure why you think your stomach should be full 2 or more hours after eating.


Yah that's why I switched to CL's breakfast plan. Two slices of bread with PB and 5 whole eggs.

If that isn't enough fat what will be?

I think I'll drop by my doc's office Monday morning... see if she can help me. Tonight my stomach even went on grumbling WHILE I was eating dinner.


I avoided eggs because I was uninformed about them obviously. That's why I visit this forum, to be informed on things that matter to me.

After CL's explained it to me I switched to his plan including 5 whole eggs with breakfast.

Why is it you have to have some kind of sarcastic comeback everytime I post a question... I want to learn that's why I ask so much! If you don't like that skip my threads and move on, I'm not interested in a pissing match.


IMO, I would add some high density food along with some healthy fat to the protein. Maybe something like a banana or some other filling fruit with fiber or some starchy carbs that has fiber like grape nuts. Are your calories totaling at least 600-700 per meal?


So you're still hungry after eating that huge breakfast? Or is the problem that your stomach is 'grumbling'?

I saw that your weight was around 200lbs...it should be noted that I eat that breakfast and weigh only 160. How many calories do you eat in one day?


"Grumbling" can be gas. It doesn't mean you are hungry just because your stomach makes noises.


Because you seem to skip basic info or even questions. I wrote this in the last line of the post you quoted, "I am not sure why you think your stomach should be full 2 or more hours after eating.". Why do you think this? I eat about every 2-3 hours. I would feel weak if I didn't. I don't think I am sick because of it.


I'm not exactly sure, the thing is I haven't had this problem before... that's what worries me. I'm fairly in touch with my body but I can't seem to figure out what is causing this and what "this" exactly is. I'm starting to think it could be stress related.

I know eating every 2-3 hours is good. The thing is I have never experienced any hunger pains before, not even when I didn't eat for 4 or 5 hours straight. What I am experiencing is simply unnatural to me, especially now that I consume such a big breakfast (by my standards).


You think an empty stomach and stomach noises are stress related? No offense, but you are beginning to sound like a hypochondriac. The bigger you get, the faster you will get hungry on the same calories. This is related to your activity level most of all, with your overall metabolism coming in a close second. I still don't get what is making you believe you need to see a doctor. Your stomach is grumbling? Are you in pain?


I experience a strange feeling, not like nausea but more of an overall uncomfortable experience. The grmubling is simply inconvenient... I think you can imagine how I feel when I sit in college (small class with 30 people) and my stomach growls all the time, it's just not funny. If I know where the grumbling comes from maybe I can do something to prevent/cure it.

I'm not saying it's an illness, I just think a doctor might be able to shine more light on it.


Yes, we call that GAS. Many guys burp or fart away their "problems" thus eliminating the need for immediate medical attention. There have even been guys known to burp AND fart at the same time...a trick that some in the scientific community believe could result in a tear in the space-time continuum or the spontaneous creation of a "black hole". If this ever happens to you, THEN see a doctor immediately!


Its called the shits!


I think I'm familiar with my body and I'm positive it's not gas, I've tried to burp it away but I can't... sometimes a little burp comes out but it doesn't relieve my stomach.

What you guys don't seem to get is that is is unnatural for me, if it would be something simple as gas or not enough food I would know it.

I have to visit my doc on Monday either way because of some lotion she prescribed to me for the acne on my back, can't hurt to ask if she can think of anything that causes this right.


I think you should ask her, and I think you need to post what she tells you. My thoughts are that it will be along the lines of, "Has your diet changed drastically lately?...Well, if it has and you have significantly increased your caloric intake, you may be overloading your digestive tract." Her next statement will be based on whether she understands the slightest hint of info about bodybuilding or strength training as she will either inform you that, "It takes time for your body to adjust to a greater caloric intake." OR the more likely, "You shouldn't overload your digestive tract and bodybuilding is bad...mmm'kay?".


I think you need to relax a little. You seem to be getting all worked up over nothing. When I first started lifting about a year ago, I would some times go all day without eating (Id have a small breakfast and then wouldnt eat again until dinner). Back then, 10-12 without eating didnt bother me half as much as 3 hours without eating now. I think its just your body adjusting and if youre starving two hours after you eat...eat more.


stress? naw...

you're pregnant...

congradulations on becoming the first man to conceive!