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stomach pains after running

Over the past year, after intense running I’ve been getting these horrible gas pains. Often times it hurts so much that I can’t do any work at all during the day after I run. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to run only at least 4 hours after my last meal. I know it’s not ideal, but the pain is just too great. Any help with this problem would be appreciated.


As a middle-distance runner, I’m familiar with the “stomach cramps” that one can get when running or performing any aerobic activity. But I haven’t heard of someone getting gas pains that persist after running.

Here are a couple of questions:

  1. How fast is the running? Sprint-level interval training?
  2. Do you get the same problem with other types of vigorous aerobic activity like cycling etc.?
  3. How certain are you that they are gas pains? Are they sharp and isolated? Do they change location at all?

The reason i ask is that the pain could be indicative of some other type of intestinal condition, that is aggrevated by running. If you have any other conditions, you might want to see a specialist, just to be on the safe side.

On the other hand, if you normally consume a side of beef before running, then yeah. You may just want to wait longer.


I forgot to mention that the root of ginger is known to be benefitial with gas and also helps stabilize the intestines. My mother developed Diverticulitis a couple of years ago and started taking ginger, which seemed to help.

I tried ginger tea myself a couple of times. But it tasted like skank, so i quit.


Dutch -

Thanks for the info. It usually happens when I’m playing lacrosse (which is like doing sprint intervals) or when I run anywhere from 1-3 miles. I know it’s gas because the pain is relieved when I pass gas but does comes back again. I wonder what kind of condition it could be?

The only other aerobic activity I do sometimes is Renegade unweighted gpp, from which I get no problems. The pains do move around vertically from lower to upper stomach.

main things associating with this I think is when you start to get tired your form will begin to slack and cramps seem to come when you are allowing your body to do a twisting motion at the waist. so try to work on your form and keeping your arms from crossing your body and move your arms straight up.