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Stomach Pain

It’s my 6th day on 50mg Turanabol with 20mg Nolva. I am getting pain in my lower abdomen just above the groin. It’s not extremely painful, just a light pain with some pressure. It seems to be in the same spot where one would get a hernia, but I can’t imagine that’s whats going on. Is this normal? any ideas?
Thank you.

Have you increased your lifts during your time on this cycle? That would be consistant with mechanical causes.

Yes, in only a week, i’ve been able to lift quite a bit more: 15 pounds for curls 20 on bench etc. Anyway I feel better today, thanks for the response. It’s my first time using and I guess I was just nervous, wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious.

Pain is back and it’s really unbearable at this point. Now it seems to be coming from either side of my stomach and back.(guessing kidneys) I’m going to the ER. Will keep you guys updated.

I would assume that it sounds like a case of appendicitis, which is not usually caused by steroid use. Last time I had a pain like that, which is exactly as you described with unbearable pain, my appendix was inflamed and I had to get it removed. Anyways, keep us posted.

What type of abdominal work do you do? If you do any type of sprinting, muscular soreness in the lower abdominals is common. Or, if you do decline sit-ups this will happen. You posted this question in the steroids section so I assume you think the tenderness is related to your steroid usage.

If so, the only possiblity is you may intestinal tract may be sensitive to an ingredient in your anabolics. I, personally get cramps in the same spot whenever I take Dianabol. I feel that the lactose they sometimes use to bind these tablets is causing cramps due to gas.