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Stomach Issues w/ Too Much Protein?


im trying to pack on as much lean mass as possible taking in plenty of protein roughly 200 grams already with 1 shake still to go defiently enough 1 problem diorreaha is this common with to much protein intake


protein farts, yes.
diarrhea, not so much.


yeah i know about the farts but my new protien hydroxycut by vitalstrength comes out the same as it goes in


Change to a good quality protein, like those available from |Biotest?


Easy fix...add more fiber to your diet. Oats, green vegetables, nuts, brown rice etc. Will fix itself, this has happened to me in the past when I'm so dead set on high protein that I've neglected other parts of my diet.


When I get diarrhea I can blame it to one of the following:

1) Milk. You might be drinking too much milk + whey protein. Cut out the milk and see how you do. If necessary, cut out the whey and replace with gemma pea protein, wheat protein, or a pure source of whey.

2) Creatine. Oh man this gives me crazy diarrhea if I put too much. I'm not sure if I even respond to this, but I'm finishing off my tub just because I can. The most I can handle is like a gram or two before workout and a gram or two after, in 18 ounces of water (shaken very well). Make sure you are using micronized creatine. If it's not dissolving in your water, you might be getting diarrhea. Lower the amount of creatine you use and increase the amount of water you drink with it.


there's a protein called HC? geez, guess soon as one thing goes off the market, a new one pops up


200 grams is a lot of protein?

I get that in my first three meals...

Like Da Vinci said, more fiber.


more fiber will not help his situation, if anything, I would think it could make it worse.


Care to elaborate or is this just your gut instinct? OP, any idea how many grams of fiber per day you're getting? If the answer is I'm not sure, then I would bet money you're not getting enough and your stool consistency would be improved within a week if you bump it up to 50 grams per day which is easy. Even when I'm creatine loading or done an atkins diet in the past and got bad squirts from either, the problem was always solved after a week of increasing my fiber intake. I suggest he tries it, it will NOT make the diarhea worse.


fiber will soften stool and increase the speed of substances passing through the digestive tract.


Not to liquid i.e. diarhea of which it will add bulk to his stool.