Stomach Hurts When I Eat Fats

I’m going to go to my doctor on Monday but I want to see what I can learn first.

The upper row of my stomach starts killing me every time I eat fats. Basically I can’t eat my normal foods like which sucks since I’m missing out on a lot of my protein and calories . This just started happening one day 2 weeks ago.

i have been able to eat avocados on a slice of bread though so I’m not totally sure what is wrong.

Go see your doctor…first.

Do you eat these foods regularly? If so then the pain isn’t a good sign esp since it’s been going on for 2 weeks. If you’ve only introduced a particular food recently then it could just be an intolerance to one or more of them.

Don’t listen to Joked Up…go to your doctor they went to school for 6-7 years and 3-4 years resident for a reason.

I’m definitely going to my doctor,I just want too see what I can find out now .
I’ve been eating these foods since last August.

Could be acute pancreatitis which will cause pain with fat intake, could be cholelithiasis or gallstones which blocks bile from reaching the duodenum and than digesting fats, or it could be food allergies/sensitivities, either way, STOP eating foods that cause any pain/discomfort/bloating and see an MD.

If you would, please post back what happened.

Additionally to wanting to be sure you were all right, I’d be interested because this happened to me as a child. The doctor had me eating essentially-no-fat foods for some period of time – I don’t recall how long, perhaps a couple of weeks, perhaps a month. The problem never recurred.

As an adult, I wondered what had happened as I’d never heard or learned anything about that at any time. Perhaps you will be able to explain the mystery!

And hopefully your outcome will be equally good. I never had a problem again. If anything, it was probably a benefit because I’ve had a little bit of a psychological aversion to overly greasy food ever since, which is a helpful thing actually.

you may have developed an allergy to these foods, espec. if youve been eating them fairly regularly. it happend to me with eggs, which sucked b/c i love them. i used to eat them every morning but now i get a stomach ache anytime i ingest them. talk to your doc but that is what he’ll most likely say.

I got 5 bucks on a gallbladder problem or maybe super AIDS

Hopefully its not something permanent or something that stops me from eating eggs/almonds/sardines/walnuts. Sucks because I’m trying to gain weight (only 155lbs) and this is going to really hold me back.
I need to find other sources of protein/calories/fats in the meantime. I will definitely update once i talk to a doctor.

If anyone has any other ideas/experiences keep posting please.

I know someone that had similar pains, it turned out to be this:

Are you eating enough fiber?