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Stomach Growing w/ Bulk


Ive started the year with a bulk phase, its the first time ive ever bulked and ive noticed within a month my stomach has ballooned! Its at its biggest by the end of the day, yet in the morning its not so bad! Another thing is, regardless how pregnent i look you can still see abs??

Whats occuring here?


There is more food in your stomach, so it appears bigger. All that food has to go somewhere :slight_smile:


There's food in your stomach. It's pushing outward.


You are in your first trimester


What do you mean?

Thanks for the replys


lol - just a joke suggesting you are pregnant. The guys who posted above me are spot on though.


I think I know what your problem is. You should go see a doctor before this happens:


Lmfao at the videoo and to help with your question if you want to help get rid of that belly a little bit so you're not as stuffed with food try some digestive enzymes and theres an article on here saying that chewing your food very thoroughly can assist with that .. also extra fiber but its not going to completely go away but it might help


Digestive enzymes are pretty legit. I usually take 2-3 chewable acidophilus with every big meal, feels good.


Just be careful. When I bulled I pt on quite a bit of sub viseral fat, which is fat that is stored under your abdominal region. This means that your stomach will grow but it will still be hard and you should still be able to make out your abs, kinda the pregnant powerlifter look. Anyway just be safe dude cause this kinda ft ain't good:)


lol at the video! Looks like im pregnent i swear. So its pretty normal when bulking for this to happen? Helps with keeping tight on squat and deadlift mind!

Thanks for the replys


If you like go back to eating less food for a few days and after a few trips to the loo your pants will be falling off again.


check out the "bulking bellies" thead in the performance photos forum . you will feel at home and see its nothing strange


Ok cool, cheers guys

haha o yea see what you mean!!


acidophilus is a probiotic, not a digestive enzyme. Big difference FYI.


Lol so it is, I just knew it helped with my digestion so i didn't give the bottle a second look. I'll change my statement.

I use acidophilus and i notice a difference between eating a big meal with it and without it. Sometimes it feels like the food is just sitting there and building up, but with the acidophilus it just feels right.