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Stomach Flab

My friend refered me to this website and he say’s its the best place for advice regarding workouts. My workouts are going good (4x a week 2 body parts a day) but i have a question. I’ve been following the low carb high protien diet and i’ve noticed that the fat around my tummy and love handles are getting softer. I know this question sounds stupid but am i on the right track? Also do fat burners work, because i’ve been to my local healthfood store(i live in Australia), and the salesperson was saying that a fatburner called “betalean” will significantly improve my fat burning workouts… Is this true?

Yes, Yes you are.
You are getting softer, because the fat is no longer pressing outward against your skin from the inside.
this is a time when a lot of people do not like the effect of the retreating fat and quit.
Stay with it. Your skin will catch-up.

I completely agree with everything older lifter said. Keep up the good work.

In regards to fat burners (thermogenics), they do help, but they are not required at all. My suggestion would be to continue what you are doing. Losing fat without the help of thermogenics is more likely to be a permanent fat loss because you have learned to adapt your diet and exercise program to your needs. If you get stuck and are no longer losing fat, then post another question and we can help you make the best supplement choices.

I’ve noticed the same “softer belly fat” too. I just attributed it to a loss in visceral fat. But what was said about it not pressing out makes more sense. cool

Older lifter is right on the money. Your skin just needs to regain some of its elasticity. In addition a low carb diet flushes out a lot of water which is probably contributing to a little sag and softness. Stick with it, you’ll eventually tighten up.

I have read that the “fat softening” effect is due to increased blood circulation to the fat cells, as the body is tapping them for energy. Normally, according to this theory, the fat cells are more densely packed since they are not accessed.

Increased blood flow makes your dick harder. I’d imagine it would do the same in any contained area. The softening is the deflation of the fat cell. You don’t get rid of fat cells, you just take the stored fat out of them. Once the cell is made it stays unless you get liposuction. I notice when I’m gaining fat the fat feels firmer. That’s because more cells per cubic cm. are full. Once they all fill up you make new cells…not a good place to be.

Just to add to the good advice you’re already getting, beware that, should you slip and pig out, the next day you might be fuller and “tighter,” and falsely assume that you can bump up your calories and look even better. That could be true, but it’s more likely that you’ve picked up a little water from the carb-up, and maybe filled out some fat that had been shrinking (and felt softer). To the touch, the skin feels tighter. I often experience this after a cheat day. As feedback goes, it can be deceptive. Really, the worst part of cutting is that cross-over period where you feel smaller, softer, and – insult to injury – you’re losing a few reps. So keep up the good work. What you’re experiencing is common.