Stomach Discomfort!!!

Ok ive been talking to alot of ppl on here about stomach discomfort that I feel was from me taking IGF-R3. I have been informed by guys (bush,swartz) that this could be from the IGF-R3. But one thing i forgot to mention is that this IGF-R3 was apart of my PCT from a cycle of just Test Prop.

My PCT is Clomid 6 days at 200mg and and the past three days ive ran 100mg of Clomid also ive been taking nolvadex 40mg aday (6 days) and the past three ive been taking 20mg aday. So what im wondering if those high dosages of Clomid are causing my stomach discomfort?

By the way for you that dont know I did discontinue the use of IGF-R3.