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Stomach Discomfort


Ok, heres the situation. My gf has recently(the last week or so) began eating clean. The problem she is running into is that no matter what she eats, either solid or liquid food, she gets these terrible stomach aches.

Remembering that Dave Tate had stomach problems when he tried to eat clean before JB and lately he hasn't mentioned anything. So there must be something I can tell her to eat in order for her to be able to eat clean and not get a stomach ache. Thanks a lot


Its probably something similar to the Herxeimer (sp?) effect. Its temporary. But indeed not without discomfort.


I had a bit of a binge weekend over easter and ate some stuff that I hadnt eaten in a couple of years, and too much of it. Since Easter I have been back to my predominantly clean eating and I have been having the same thing. It passes. All she can do is wait and keep eating. If it lasts too long though may want to get it checked out.


change will always affect your body, good or bad.
Remember that "supersize me" guy who can only eat Mcdonalds for 1 month, first he had stomach pains, then after that month he switched back to good food and had more stomach pains.
You just have to tell her that the new diet is flushing out all the bad old food and thats why she hurts.
Good job getting the GF to eat better.


Perhaps some digestive enzymes would help. Worth a shot at least. Or even just water - that can aid digestion in certain cases.


FOR SURE in a supp form and or yoghurt. Her body just doesnt know how to digest real damn food any more. Its used to CRAP that has been bombarded, processed, zapped , predetroyed, leeched and digested for her.

Kind of like someone new to training jumping in HARD CORE. They get sore as shit. Thier body, Her digestive system aint used to working. It needs time to adjust. Good thing is in time she will be eating more and losing do the the expendature that digestion of REAL food and the k/cal cost it has as opposed to that processed crap.

Best of luck,