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Stomach Convulsion When Squatting?

You know that stomach convulsion (heaving motion) you get when you puke your guts out? I’m getting that when I push up out of the hole.

It’s not a literal “I’m gonna puke” kind of thing… it’s more that as I struggle upwards I involuntarily grunt, which lets my air escape, and as the air escapes my guts feel like they’re turning inside out. By the 5th rep it feels (and somewhat sounds) like I’m about to heave my guts out. It started happening once my squat got above 300lbs.

I’m assuming this isn’t common and that it’s a sign that I’m doing something wrong. Just not sure how to fix it…


[quote]Reed wrote:

Yes, but you can’t see/hear anything abnormal in them.

The first set was washed out by the windows behind me and looks all black and white. The other two sets are in colour if you want to fast forward.

Got nothing. Decent form on the 2nd set. Good knees out, good hip action, good on fighting the urge to pick the butt up first out of the hole and come up at the same time. 3rd set you’re descending both down and FORWARD–watch the end of the bar. That’s bad news.

How do I correct that?