Stomach Condition, Help to Achieve Hard Body Look

I will post some pics as soon as possible, but for now this: I have been lifting regularly for 5 years, before that it was off and on for about 4 years. My routine consists of full body workouts either 3 or 4 days a week training and 2-3 days of cardio. When I first started lifting I did split routines, but got into fitness lifting, and have did just about every Chad Waterbury workout there is. But, I just don’t see the results I want.

I look way too soft and it seems no matter what I try, I can’t get the hard body look. I would like to do an all natural show one day, but I know as for now, I am far far away from that. my stats are pretty low due to the fact that I have virtually never lifted for strength, but mostly for fitness. My strength fluctuates, however. I also should mention I have gastroparesis (greatly limits amount) and can’t eat like a normal person could…any advice would be greatly appreciated.

body: ectomorph
height: 6’3 with extremely long arms, wingspan 6’7
deadlift: 415

how I eat:
breakfast: 1 omega 3 egg with 3 servings egg whites, 1 piece of cheese, 1 serving, low carb, double protein yogurt.
snack: count out 24 almonds
lunch: 2 slices double fiber omega-3 bread, frozen and toasted to lower glycemic index, 6 oz of chicken, 1 serving of same low carb double protein yogurt.
Pre-workout drink: 25 grams protein
Post-workout drink: 30 grams protein, 12 grams glutamine, 24 grams sugar
supper:3 chicken tenderloin breasts, 2 cups of mixed green vegetables.
lots of water/green tea/black coffee throughout the day.

Having trouble dropping the fat from around my chest specifically, ill post pics asap.

Hey, I’ve been out of it for over a year and a half due to gastroparesis. On a liquid diet right now. Plan on starting up again but was wondering if you have any advice or tips for bodybuilding with our condidion?

Well, I don’t know how severe your gastoparesis is, but I eat just very small portions of mostly lean proteins. When I eat high fatty foods or lots of carbs, I just can’t handle it and get extremely sick or throw up. But, I do eat a lot of double protein low fat low carb yogurts and lots of proteins shakes, sometimes 4 a day. Of course the protein shakes are used as meal replacements. I add sugar to them before and after workouts only.

Other than that, just really small portions of food. I eat veggies that I fry up myself, to make sure they are broken down good. umm…lot’s of protein shakes and, to add some carbs, add sugar to them before and after workouts, with glutamine too, if you can afford it. Protein becomes expensive I know I hope this helps, I have had problems with this myself, and have been trying different things to figure it out.