Stomach Bloating. Supplement/Diet Advice?

Hey Guys,

Have a problem that hopefully you can give some suggestions on. I have lower stomach and ab area bloating(more so in lower abs) that I cannot get rid of. I have tried a few different things such as more magnesium, water weight sups, and decreased carbs but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions on something new to try? Seems like the only thing I am missing is a possible gut connection but that is a tough call to make without numbers.

LabCorp Ranges:
Test Cyp - 150mg per week MWF
HCG - 200iu at time of injection
TT - 950
FT - 29
E2 - 31 (no AI)
SHBG - 21
Progesterone/Preg. - Within range

Cortisol - Normal via ZRT saliva

Diet Macros: All clean, whole foods with daily log. No food allergies or excessive bloating after particular foods

Fats - 100 grams
Carbs - 280 grams
Protein - 270 grams

Daily Supplements:
Multi, zinc, mag/cal, Vit D, B Complex

Is it possible that you may a lactose intolerance? Some protein shakes make me bloated as well.

Is it possible to see a picture? Hard to know much without seeing what the actual issue is.

I don’t believe so, tried cutting them out to see if that was it and no change in 2 weeks so I brought it back. Easy to down than more chicken daily!

Here you go, second is good with the pinch. Crazy that it seems like it a rock in that area that I can’t get rid off even with diet and supplementation changes. Any recommendations are appreciated man.

Thanks for the pic. The honest answer is that im not seeing bloating, you are just not lean enough. Not saying you are fat at all, just not lean enough for the look I think you are hoping for.


Honesty is good my man, appreciate the advice. Do you think adding cardio or cutting carbs would be beneficial? My weight seems to be holding at around 185 and I am 6’1 so not sure i want to lose too much weight for my height.


Your total calories are just going to have to come down. Looks like you’re currently at 3100 - that’s a lot of room to drop, which is good news.

I, personally, think you can drop from carbs or fats - whatever suits your dietary preference better.

I don’t have great advice for wanting to hold your weight. I think that’s just where decisions have trade-offs. You can get leaner, and you’ll lose some weight. You can hold your weight and try to “grow into” a lower body fat percentage, but I’m skeptical how awesome that works. You can try to gain muscle and weight so you have a bigger base to cut from. If you’re unhappy with the look now, I think you’ll be happiest with choice 1 and just get it off.

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Really depends on your goals as to if its worth dropping cals etc. If you have a long term goal to be more muscular then you need a good reason to be cutting to a low body or you will just keep yo yo ing back and forth.

A bit of advice I will give though is to train abs to build them. You can then get away with a higher body fat and still have visible abs.

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Thanks guys, you are correct I am right around 3k cals per day. Will drop some carbs and fats and hit abs harder to see if that shows some improvement.