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Stomach and Bulking


Hi Folks,

I need to assist this issue before it gets any worse! Ok before the summer I've been trying to bulk up, Trying to eat big and eat good ofcourse, I've been trying to maintain my 3 days of weights at the gym, football and boxing aswell once during the week!

I can see improvements on my build, I've gained weight and muscle, I'm on route but maybe not on the correct road.. One thing i'm most concerned about right now is my stomach and wanting it tight, I'm worried that i'm taking in far too much fat, I've not bothered to count fat where I should it was a mistake,

I need advice on getting that tight V waist line again instead of pinch an inch and also about body fats + good foods!

I'm also think myself that I'm taking in far too much bread, Which isnt good for you right?

I was chatting with one of my Instructors at the gym who gave me advice on not to eat 3 hours before I go to bed and after workouts go for a 10min run to burn body fat, I guess this will work but there must be more ways right ?

Thanks Again,
Much Appreciated!




Eating fat doesn't make you fat. Someone needs to pimp slap that old wife who started these tales.


BTW definitely read the link that was posted above by rsg.


fat has gotten such a bad connotation in the world today that people avoid it like the plague. Worse off, it is more expensive to eat "fat-free foods". When eaten right, fat does not beget fat.


Thanks, I'll sure read all of those links when I can a chance at home, They seem brilliant with information!

The statement is new to me 'Eat fats to lose fats' strange by its always just been a tail!

Am I correct on the bread thing? and Also was I close on the advice about not eating hours before bed and running after workout?

Thanks Again!


Bread is fine, just don't overdo it on off-days. As for running after workouts, I'll advise against it if you're trying to bulk. Or at the very least, take your surge and a five minutes break prior to it. Otherwise, you'll be entering into catabolitic state pretty fast.


Oh Ok,

I'll need to get some time to look at those links but at the moment I still dont understand how I can get my tight pac stomach back and keep eating before this belly gets bigger lol!


Everything everybody else said is cool,

but did you look at the obviuos, maybe you just over did it on your bulking diet?