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stomach acidity & supps

Anyone know if taking aciphex (proton pump-inhibitor) affects the absorbtion of supplements? Specifically Tribex, 4-AD-EC or Mag-10? If so anything I can do to minimize this? I’ve tried to wean off the medicine but the reflux always strikes back.

Haven’t taken aciphex yet for the reflux but I am taking other similar products. The last mag 10/tribex 500/m cycle went great! If the digestion suffered at all, I sure didn’t notice it as I gained 22lbs. over an 8 week period. I did have a problem with the MD6 though as that aggrevated the reflux issue. Hope this helps.

Great results! I’m going to do a Mag-10 cycle in the spring when I (hopefully) get to 10% bf. Thanks for the reply.

As a side note: I also had acidity problems with the powerdrive. Still looking for the answer to a “safe” pre-training stimulant.

Never got that from Powerdrive and I’ve used this on and off for years. Strangely enough, my symptoms lessened when I went on the original Ananbolic Diet (CKD). I did not know I even had GERD until I was 30 y/o and my girlfried (a nurse) suggested I see an MD for my symptoms. I don’t like taking any drugs but I couldn’t believe the difference once I started on medication (ranitadine and then Prilosec).