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Stomach Aches at Gym

Hi Guys,

Ive recently started to get stomach cramps/pains during my workout. I workout no less than an hour and a half after lunch. The only way that i can attempt to describe it is as like a bloating feeling, like im really full and that my stomach is pain due to it being stretched or something. It doesnt feel like muscular pain like abs or anything.

Any help or knowledge of a shared experience would be appreciated! :)))

PS - Only possible factors could be my increased calorie intake (i started eating probably a 1000cals more a couple of weeks ago)
-As a results ive started having brown rice as part of my lunch but i dont see why that would cause these symptoms

Maybe from any Pre-workouts you take (pills or powders)? Did you add anything to your lunch besides the rice?

yeah i do take a pre-workout every now and then. I think that actually might be the reason, im just trying to use it up so i dont waste my money but now that you mention it everytime ive had one my gym sessions arent as satisfying as they have been. I might just stick to a natural pre-wo like a banana or something.

Thanks rlBanda!

Does it feel like a lot of liquid in your stomach/lower intestines. A fairly common condition is called runners diarrhea. This occurs when the blod flow is diverted from your intestines into your limbs/muscles and you don’t absorb water etc from your intestines. Maybe you have a light dose of this, if it was bad you’d have the shits, but that would occur more with say running instead of weights.