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Stomach Ache From Whey


This is really bothering me,

Sinse the beginning of lifting weights which for me was 1 1/2 years ago I have been using whey protein. I could easily gussle down and dangit I loved it. This helped my progress alot!

However due to getting married and having a child within the year I had stoped lifting for that entire time a full year of not lifting :(..

Well recently I have been making some changes and had decided for sure I was determined to start lifting agian due to the fact of me losing all my Mussle mass. It put me in a depression almost!

1 month ago I started to get back into lifting slowly while taking my usual whey protein. Now for some reason after taking protein I started to get a stomach ache. I could not believe it.
the next day thinking it was just something else I took more and the stomach aches again, Its almost as if it gives me severe gas or something it just hurts! I also found that I cant drink milk like I use to as well that kind of hurts my stomach as well!

What is going on I thought!! Thinking it was just that brand of protein from GNC, I went to wal-mart to get there brand of protein thinking I probebly was some of the other stuff in the protein itself. The same thing happend.. my stomach hurt after taking the protein.

Now I need protein!! no doubt about that. I cant understand what is going on The milk hurts my stomach now and the protein, I thought I could just mix protein with water instead of milk same thing, stomach aches!!

Now the only 2 things I can come up with of why this is are the following

1:I was diagnosed with a "Hiatal Hernia" which means for me tend to have greater acid induced damage to the esophagus. Now I can only assume whey protein does have alot of acides etc.. so maybe thats whats hurting my stomach.

2: I have noticed Milk hurts my stomach as well as soy milk so maybe im going lactose intolerant?

Needless to say these both are problems for me..

How can I get my whey protein without this effect on my stomach ( And I dont mean more meats etc..)

are there differn't supplement forms besides powder I can try? What do think?



if whey hurts your stomach quick using it...

how fucking difficult is that to fugure out?

as far as not wanting to eat more meat...why not?

the first five years I lifted weights I put on sixty pounds without using anything more that a multi-vitamin and alot of food...

protein powders and the like are a useful tools but, in my opinion, over-rated...

people act as if they'll never make any gains if they don't use some sort of supplement...BULLSHIT!


HaHa. Well I guess alot of the reason I want to take protein is because its
helped me so much the last time I used it. I hardly ate any meats mostly the shakes and I managaed to gain 20 lbs of muscle in a 2-3 month period.

I guess thats an option though but it would probebly be a little costly I would imagine..


meat = protein

you can buy chicken breats in bulk!

alot better option than your stomach hurting all the time...

good luck!


You could try using a non-junk protein powder like Grow!, which shouldn't bother your stomach if you are lactose intolerant. But if you are, you could be like Vin Diesel and just not put with lactose's shit.

Or you could eat some eggs, tuna, chicken and beef and get some protein that way.


Cheap proteins often have more lactose.

Try Low-Carb Grow! I'm lactose intolerant and Low-Carb Grow! doesn't cause any problems for me.


I had the same issue: Lactaid fixed me the problem!