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Stolen Nutrients


I found this and wanted to know if there is any truth to it:

"The other day I was reading through some articles I get and came across one about sugar and white flour. Now, we all know that sugar is man's worst enemy in the fight for large freakish muscles and destroying body fat, but do we all know why it is such a terrible foe? We usually relate sugar to high a glycemic index, which causes an enormous spike in insulin, which then cause the body to store nutrients as energy, which is essentially storing fat (when you raise it through sugar intake.
The GI indexes food and how it relates to insulin levels and storage is a tricky subject. (More on this to follow). What scared the shit out of me in this article I was reading was the new light it shed on the dangers of sugar. Here is what it said, and I laid awake that night praying the sugar demon wouldn't sneak into my food, it said that sugar is an--get ready for this--"anti nutrient." That's right, it is a dead food that provides a negative value for nutrition in the body. What does this mean? When we consume sugar our body has to find some way to process it, to do that it has to have certain nutrients. Where does it get these nutrients? Our muscles..."did he really say that!!!!" Yeah I did: Sugar takes nutrients from out of our muscles to process itself.

Sugar consumption leads to a decrease in the body's reserves of chromium, magnesium and B vitamins. Any hardcore bodybuilder knows how important these nutrients are to growth and recovery. These are the main and key nutrients sugar needs to metabolize itself, it takes them from the body's reserves and leaves your muscles deficient of them. Sugar also crowds other nutrients/calories in your body, leaving you crave more calories from sugar to fill your needs.


Save yourself and your physique and eliminate sugar from your diet. Stay away from breads and pastas (made with white flour) and juices and sweets. Some sugars are OK, for instance sugar from raw honey and blackstrap molasses because they contain certain enzymes that make them healthy. However, these sugars should still be used scarcely in a diet. Make the commitment and kill all the sugar in your diet, I guarantee it will make a big difference in your physique goals.
Just thought I would share some info with fellow freak seekers.

Get Big (and shredded) or DIE."

have at it


No. Is this guy selling something?


When speaking about eliminating refined sugars and flours from a diet I believe that you may be preaching to the converted, but it is always good to have some 'new' info floating around.


I'm no expert on the subject, but aren't all carbohydrates eventually broken down into sugars anyway? So wouldn't you have to completely cut out carbs from your diet in order to COMPLETELY taking sugar into your body? I don't see how there could be any truth to that article, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else things.


Yes, but the type of sugar will play in important role as it relates to specific effects on the body.

Much like white bread has a different effect on metabolism than whole wheat bread.

Not all sugar is equal (in some regards)>


"Sugar takes nutrients from out of our muscles to process itself."

And the world gets a little bit stupider.


Yes, whole grains come with their own vitamins (especially B's) and minerals, and therefore the body's reserves aren't run down as with starch isolates.

Ever notice how "enriched white flour" has the B vitamins (thiamine, niacin, etc.) added back into it? They remove the vitamins from the bread along with the enzymes, for storage purposes, then add some of the vitamins back in. But only after being processed by a chemical plant in New Jersey, so that they are no longer whole vitamins!

Some good articles here:


Yea, I've seen this article on a very popular bodybuilding site. Probably the "most popular", if you type it into a search engine.

I won't include it on the post due to garbage like that I wasted 3 years in my life on a lot of information found there. Too bad I didn't find T-Nation sooner. Shit.


Now they're saying sugar is bad for putting on mass?What a load of bull.


I think it's a huge stretch.

Your body uses nutrients to get things done during the day.

OMG, when you drink water, it takes nutrients to nourish the kidneys, the heart, the lungs and the muscles, and the water doesn't really provide any.

OMG, if you drank only pure water and ate no food, you'd become nutrient deficient.

No shit.

We need certain nutrients. We use them up during the day for various bodily processes. Some foods don't provide much by way of those nutrients.

Eat good foods, be healthy.


you and me both man,i actually followed this guys training,im not proud of it

no he's not selling anything,but if memory serves me right he's 18 and getting paid to put diet/excercise plans on a site

i know that carbs/sugar are broken down into their monomers like everything else,i just wanted to know if their was some truth to it and your opinions

oh whoever said "Now they're saying sugar is bad for bulking".....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA