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Stolen Bike

Someone stole my bike today. I am extremely pissed off. It was a Kona mountain bike. It was more important than my car, which I only drive to go mountain biking. It got stolen right in front of my work. They cut through the bike lock I had. BASTARDS. What is the world coming to I work hard for what I have. Fuck them.

I hate fucking thieves. No integrity, no nothing. I mean I really fucking hate them. This post just reminded me how much I want to kill motherfuckers that steal other people’s stuff. I had my car stolen from the gym years ago and even though they recovered it, it was never the same. They were kids and they busted the oil pan and ran the car without oil until they ruined the engine. The insurance wouldn’t total it (no real body damage) but payed for a new engine. Always had problems with it after that. Hate theives.

I had one almost as bad back in the winter. I got a new Sony MP3 Player for Christmas. I of course put it in a fanny pack and pumped weights to it for about a month before some coward dedcided to steal it when I left it at the gym for about three hours unattended. Granted, I did forget it but you can show some character and return it! Cost about 300$. I loved it too. The funny thing is I still have all the software so the theif can’t ever change the songs. I wonder if he felt guilty when he found it was filled with contemp. Christian and Gospel tunes? The guy probably threw it away. I would love to find this person.

It’s weird that they went to all the trouble of cutting through the lock. I thought that theives were usually too lazy to do stuff like that. That sucks. Find out who did it & make them regret it. >:(

When someone steals the stuff that you have worked so hard for, it’s almost impossible to not take it personally. Because i’m heavily into customizing cars, I know how sentimental people’s cars are to their owners. I’ve had my previous ‘pride and joys’ broken into, and it makes me go crazy, because I have to get the glass, locks, spray job repaired. Sometimes, I leave my doors open at night on purpose to encourage theives, just so I can kick their ass. In my garage, I have everything I need for a successful kidnapping…ducktape, handcuffs, wire, lighting fluid, and a camera.

Yeah dude, buy another bike and lock it outside your work and watch it till someone comes and tries to take it. Then run out and come up behind them and as they turn around with it in their hands be like “I hope you can crawl to the hospital to steal a wheelchair becuase I’m going to break your legs now.” And break his legs with like a baseball bat or something. Just an idea. :wink:

I hate thiefs too. Here are two of my favorite saying. “Locks keep honest people honest…any thing else requires a 45”. “Any one found in my apt at night will be found there in the morning” I guess that is the great thing about body building. People may envy you but can never take you build.

Everything is impermanent. Your bike was already gone when you got it. From the tone of your message it looks like the theives got away with more than just your bicycle.