Guess who’s guiddier than somebody who just lost 1.5% bodyfat in 7 days? (Okay, so that’s a really whacked out analogy, but I know you guys appreciate it.) That’s right, me! Why? 'cause today I got Get Buffed II, the sequel, arrived in the mail. One word:


Glad to hear it Ike! Really, hearing success stories only makes going to the gym more exciting.

I’m coming to your place, and we’re all gonna sit fireside while you read it to us before bedtime.


Actually dude, I just got a book in the mail, that’s all. Read the first post again. :wink:

The gains come with the implementation!

Well, why can’t getting an exciting book in the mail be a success story? I mean, you had to work to earn the cash, type a bunch of info into a website and hope for the best.

Ok, nevermind. I see your point.